The Truth Is Out There - The Pilot Episode

Hi Veeps,

Way back in the day (about 18months ago), when Paul, Steven and I were still a part of Movie Geeks Film News, Paul and I had big plans to start a podcast series called The Truth Is Out There. The idea was to look at the unexplained and break things down. one of us would be the believer (Paul) and Mulder the subject at hand, the other (Marc) would be the Scully and play devils advocate. 

We only got to record the pilot episode before Talk Star Wars arrived and took over all my spare time. Anyway, I recent found the podcast in the archives and thought it be fun for you guys to take a listen at what might have been.

On a personal note, this is one of my favourite podcasting experiences. Paul and i comes the subject from quite different perspectives and the resulting conversation was a great deal of fun. 

I hope you enjoy it.