The Future Of The VIP Program

Good morning VIPs

For those of you not in the facebook group I need to bring you up to speed with our plans for the future of the VIP program.

It has become clear that making a move to Patreon is in everybody's best interests. I ran a poll in the facebook group last night and the result was unanimous, people would like a service that delivers the content to them directly. 

The plan is to launch the Patreon campaign next week and start publishing content directly through them. This will have some clear benefits, For a start the TSW Kessel Run will be delivered directly to your pod catcher which will help that she get to you every day. The same is true for the priority release shows. 

As new features become apparent on the Patreon platform I will design and launch new perks. Nothing will change the facebook group, nothing will be dropped, in terms of content, it simply means that you will need to start a new payment method via PayPal for the Patreon. 

My intention is to refund everybody's September donations and the season pass holders will be refunded in full. 

Please contact me if you have any concerns about moving forward with us on Patreon. It is extremely important to me that your questions are answered and/or concerns addressed. 

Thank you for your continued support. Believe this move will enhance the VIP program and help us grow as a community.

My best,