Talk Star Wars Phone It In

Morning gang, I'm traveling for a week or so, so there is a chance I'll be a little less active in the group, but I will be watching the Star Wars news very closely!


I wanted to run something past you guys. A VIPs you'll always get the first look at what we are doing here at Talk Star Wars and I've been thinking about trying something new on the podcast.


As you know we already take voicemails via email and cut them into the show, which we will continue to do, but what do you think about us having call ins? It would be VIPs first, of course, so you guys could be the guinea pigs.


Essentially, this is how it would work. We would let you now what time we would be recording and then we would dial you into the podcast as we record. Then you can get your geek on with us, pitch the usual questions comments and theories, but you'd be a part of the conversation, rather than just wait to hear from us on the pod when it goes live! What do you think?




This was initially posted on the Talk Star Wars VIP facebook group. If you haven't joined that group yet let me know and we will sort that out!