Rogue One Special

Hi Veeps, 

The next episode of the Talk Star Wars PodCast will be a Rogue One special. We plane to go over hopes and fears for the movie and discuss our predictions for the film. Some of my earlier predictions seem to have been confirmed already, Darth Vader (check out the source on this post) , Tarkin and Bail Organa among others. So I will need to get my thinking cap on.

As VIPs we will prioritise your input on the show. We want to hear from you guys, your hopes for the movie, your fears about what might go wrong and your predictions. What do you think will or indeed, has to happen in Rogue One?  

We would love to get MP3s from you, we always love to hear your voices on the show, but we will settle for good old fashioned written emails. 

Also, don't forget to get those intros recorded! Looking forward to starting the new year with a new intro. Episode 50 has been breaking download records for us (1200 in 3 days!) so we can see the audience is growing. We really want people to hear the voices behind the shows growth, so press record and have at it! ;) 

Thank you, as always for your continued support! Less than two weeks to go and we will have yet another movie to talk about!