New Talk Star Wars Show Mix

Hey VEEPs,

I need some help, especially from the podcasters and content creators among your esteemed number. I have been struggling to get to grips with the audio mix for Talk Star Wars. With many different pics and iPads, and the fact that I record the call and mix my end, I have been having ar e hard time improving the audio . So, today I remixed the intro, the outro, the VIP promo spot and the both channels (myself and the guys) and produced a new base show. This should allow me to drop in the new recordings each week and make only minimal changes. 

Would you mind listening to this short clip and let me know what you think? I really want to get as close as possible to radio quality audio, but I'm aware that its very easy to over do things. This is a simple and clean base show, admittedly the biggest weakness is the Star Wars Commonwealth outro, so maybe I will work on that and add a new mix later.

Let me know what you think.