Green Light

Hey Veeps, 

Just a quick update for you guys: 

On Friday I contacted Jay at Blog Talk Radio and told him that I would be honoured to accept their invitation and take Talk Star Wars to the BTR family.  

This will not change anything for Talk Star Wars or the Star Wars Commknwealth. We will continue to support TumblingSaber and Generation X-Wing and they will continue to support us. 

I am scheduling a meeting with Amy at BTR (hopefully tomorrow!) to start the migration process for the Talk Star Wars library. I'm very cautious about this part, because I don't want to lose any content. But I'm told they will "take care of my baby!" 

So how will this effect you? 

Simply put; I won't change anything for you guys. When the migration is complete, BTR will take over the publishing of the show. Which is to say, I will still publish, but using their tools, so you'll still get the show on whatever platform you chose, be it iTunes or Stitcher or PodBean etc. In fact I hope to have access to other platforms such as Google Play. 

The long term benefits for us really revolve around the promotion BTR can offer, spreading the Talk Star Wars word and growing out community, and giving us access to more reliable analytics.  

As for monetisation, nothing will change initially. I have asked to keep BlueHarvest as a sponsor because that relationship is important to me, and it's unlikely that we will be landing any big sponsors anytime soon.  

We do hope to attract more wonderful VIPs (like you guys!) because you are key to the evolution of Talk Star Wars. Without you guys we can't even think about growing our programming, so THIS relationship is our priority. 

With that in mind I've started thinking about ways to enhance the VIP experience. There will be a new audio commentary coming very soon, and I'm noodling a way to connect you guys so that you can chat and swap ideas in a setting that is exclusively for VIPs. More on that soon. 

in the meantime if you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see added to the VIP program feel free to tell me. You can email or iMessage me at

Thank you for your continued support, you truly are the beating heart of Talk Star Wars! 

May the Force be with you,




Tomorrow's episode features our first ever voicemail! I'd like to encourage you guys to send us MP3s of your comments and questions so we can get you on the show!