Day Zero - In More Than One Way

Hey VEEPs, 

When I started the VIP feed I said, "It's a way for you to keep up with what we do here at tsw."  


I didn't say it would all be positive.


Today was supposed to be Day Zero for our Star Wars Celebration Europe adventure. The plan was to book an apartment for the three days and spend the time immersed in Star Wars. We had planned podcasts and YouTube videos and lots more.

Well sadly we were ripped off. allowed us to book (and pay for!) an apartment that didn't even exist. When we got to the apartment building the concierge told us no such thing exsited, and we weren't the first people to turn up looking for Harmony Serviced Apartments. It was a con.

I spent three hours working the phone trying to get Expedia to provide alternate accommodation and was met with repeated resistance and not one but two hang ups by "customer service" reps who simply could not care less about delivering a service for it's clients.

So I write this from my bed, at home with the dog laying on my legs. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. But fear not: we will be making the trip to London daily in order to attend the event and bring you all the latest exciting news and gossip from Star Wars Celebration Europe.

Look at it this way: you've probably been spared some terrifying photos of naked Steven... 

A very weary,