We would be honoured if you would join us...

Hey, everyone,

Just a reminder that we have relocated the VIP program to the Patreon platform. This is why you haven't been receiving podcasts and posts this week. The move has been a huge success with people getting content more securely, and easily once they sign up. My hope is that you will follow over too. Today is the last day to get your pledges in for September, so head here if you haven't done so already.

Part of the move included launching a new daily podcast called the Talk Star Wars Daily, which you'll receive in your podcast app of choice. It's very quick and easy to both make, publish and of course for you guys to collect. The long-term plan is to start producing more shows, some call-ins, some about the animated TV shows. 

If you have decided that you no longer wish to participate in the VIP program, that is absolutely fine of course and you can always return later if you decide to do so. Just let me know if you have any concerns or questions and I will do my best to explain everything. You can reach me via email, iMessage or in the VIP group. I will be updating the group's membership in the next week or so. 

Hope to speak with you soon.

Thank you for your continued support,


Talk Star Wars V TSW

Morning all,

Yesterday we were discussing some proposed changes to the Talk Star Wars ecosystem. In particular were kicking around the idea of changing the names of the TSW shows, Talk Star Wars Comics, TSW Kessel Run etc.

The idea is that we should be putting the Talk Star Wars brand out there ahead of everything. I understand this makes an and that TSW means very little to new potential listeners browsing for content, but all the TSW shows are behind the Talk Star Wars brand on every platform. Talk Star Wars on Blog Talk Radio, places the main brand and the logo before everything, the same is true for iTunes, the main feed is Talk Star Wars and the TSW shows are in that feed and not likely to break off onto their own anytime soon. 

My concern is that with the changes coming in the next week regarding the Patreon program and a new distribution model for the perks, I'm concerned that if a change I make has a detrimental effect on something I will not be able to readily identify it and address it. I have started a little test this morning by changing the name of the latest TSW Comics episode in iTunes and YouTube so I can see what the Star Wars brand will do for the numbers. This might be the way forward, post with the full name, but keep the TSW sub-branding. 

In short, I will continue to evaluate the potential benefits of rebranding, but address it later, once the move to Patreon has been completed. This move brings with a requirement to rebuild some areas of the site, include publicity materials for the Patreon campaign and record new spots for the podcasts. So I imagine ill be quite busy this week! You can keep and eye on the numbers in YouTube is you like (see the image above) and let me know if you see a decreeable change. 

As always, tank you for the support,



The Future Of The VIP Program

Good morning VIPs

For those of you not in the facebook group I need to bring you up to speed with our plans for the future of the VIP program.

It has become clear that making a move to Patreon is in everybody's best interests. I ran a poll in the facebook group last night and the result was unanimous, people would like a service that delivers the content to them directly. 

The plan is to launch the Patreon campaign next week and start publishing content directly through them. This will have some clear benefits, For a start the TSW Kessel Run will be delivered directly to your pod catcher which will help that she get to you every day. The same is true for the priority release shows. 

As new features become apparent on the Patreon platform I will design and launch new perks. Nothing will change the facebook group, nothing will be dropped, in terms of content, it simply means that you will need to start a new payment method via PayPal for the Patreon. 

My intention is to refund everybody's September donations and the season pass holders will be refunded in full. 

Please contact me if you have any concerns about moving forward with us on Patreon. It is extremely important to me that your questions are answered and/or concerns addressed. 

Thank you for your continued support. Believe this move will enhance the VIP program and help us grow as a community.

My best,