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We’re not saying we are counting the days to the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens, but

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MSW have a piece on the man who brought Admiral “It’s A Trap” Akbar to life in'83 for Jedi and will bring him back to life for The Force Awakens. Click the image below for more…

Do you want to watch some Star Wars related videos? Below is our Star Wars Bits playlist. See the things that turned our heads this week. 

The images below, and this week’s header image were found on /Film and they are stunning!

So is Sarah Michelle Gellar playing a young Princess Leia in Star Wars Rebels?

The answer to the question above is no, SMG is not playing Leia in Star Wars Rebels. via GeekTyrant

Did the Emperor survive the Death Star II? Check out the fan theory over on DorkSideOfTheForce

Feast your eyes on a selection of Star Wars Top Tens, courtesy of’s editorial staff:

Not so long ago I stumbled across Hello Greedo and I have to tell you, he has a unique view on the Star Wars universe, but he certainly makes great points. Check out his news feed below:

I’m not the biggest fan of Attack Of The Clones but you can’t deny; there are some special effecters in there! This week Sander De Lange looks at the Kamino section is From Concept To Screen over on

MakingStarWars.Net feel strongly that Rey’s story is a little deeper than we think. Read that here or listen to the latest episode of the podcast.

Every Star Wars fan needs to be eating their dinner with this sweet Darth Vader lightsaber cutlery set. Click the image below for more details. vis C|NEt.

Collider have their own Star Wars show called Jedi Council. Check it out below:

Are you still counting how many times you’ve seen these trailers? Well click play and tally up: 

Strap a Wookiee on you head for some quality tunage! Maybe add this to your Life day list! 

If you prefer the sound of speakers over headphones then “head” over to for details on the Stormtrooper and C-3PO bluetooth speakers below…

There are some great Star Wars podcasts out there. Here’s are three of our favourites for you to check out:

RebelForce Radio

The ForceCast

Full Of Sith

Get the latest Star Wars Rebels videos from The Official Star Wars YouTube channel:

Get a look at some committed Star Wars cosplayers over on

This week Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that the enumerated Star Wars films will follow the Skywalker story and it lead some some speculation about who may be a Skywalker in  The Force Awakens. Well I’m going to suggest that you play the video below and get my take on it from a few months ago.

Domhnall Gleeson talks to GeekTyrant about General Hux, here.

If you like the Topps Trading cards of old then you’ll love the book pictured below. See more on that at

The list of potential female leads in Star Wars Episode VIII has grown by one name. Guru Mbatha-Raw. the Belle and Jupiter Ascending star will be taking part in the chemistry reads with john Bodega. via /Film.

/Film are suggesting that the new Star Wars World plans will drastically alter the lay out of the Disney Parks…

MSW are playing host to an interesting rumour about Finn’s name in The Force Awakens. Check it out here.

Rogue One is currently filming in Iceland according to DorkSideOfTheForce

Will Anthony Ingruber be the next Han Solo? He has my vote…

“I was actually approached to voice in Star Wars Rebels a few years ago, but there was some change in character/plot lines so sadly it fell through. I’m hoping I get the chance to portray Han in the upcoming spin off film and am working hard to try to make that happen.”  – Anthony Ingruber

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