Just For Fun - A 28,000 push pin Stormtrooper mural!

I was sent this over the weekend, and thought it was just so cool that I had to share! Over at Viking UK, they decided to let their employees turn a normal office desk into a Stormtrooper mural using 28,000 push pins! Clearly they have a few fans among them!

Staff were encouraged to contribute to the mural if they needed a break from their work, or fancied chipping in during their lunch break. I'd love to believe that if TSW had an office, we'd be encouraging things like this all the time!

Anyway, enjoy some photos from the build as well as a time-lapse video from their YouTube channel!

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Fire When Ready - Star Wars Legion Wave One Unboxing And Review (via Emotionally14)

Today on "Fire When Ready", Brad and Ian take a look at the Wave One expansions for Star Wars: Legion! To aid them in this, they are joined by Emotionally14 colleague and TSW Supreme Leader Rob Wade! What will the guys make of the Wave One expansions?

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