You made a brand new dinosaur?

I was 11 when the original Jurassic Park came out and I vividly remember being on the edge of my seat as I saw, what used to be only toys and posters in my brother’s bedroom, come dramatically to life. I was captivated by how amazingly life-like they were, their sounds and movement, that epic roar and chase of the T-Rex and how convincing the story from Mr DNA was! My love of dinosaurs began and I was hooked. Hearing the sound track today still gives me goose bumps!

Which is why I really really REALLY hope they don’t screw up Jurassic World as much as they did The Lost World. Man that movie sucked. It’s only saving grace was the fact that I got to see a few more of my beloved dinosaurs. The trade-off was being subjected to the pain of having to watch Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) who’s now a dinosaur expert, try and save the day while a T-Rex goes rampant in a city. It was tragic.  

Jurassic Park 3….not sure I should go there either. I honestly just wanted to slap the Kirby’s and feed them to a Pterodactyl.

So now we have Jurassic World, set 22 years after the events of the first movie but now with a struggling but fully functioning dinosaur theme park. And Malcolm, Grant and Sattler are nowhere to be seen! Instead we have a Velociraptor-whispering Chris Pratt to lead us through a moralistic journey of genetics with lines like ‘Probably not a good idea’.

But have you seen the website?! It has a Disneyland-esque park map with current waiting times for each of the attractions and, my favourite, a park cam showing various locations around the island. Amongst them you’ll see bored tourists waiting in line, a busy main street and the most entertaining; staff cleaning out dino-dung from one of the enclosures! Ha! Check it out here:

You can guarantee to hear from me again once I’ve seen the film, which I promise will be seen in all its IMAX glory.  I cross my fingers that my boat is once again rocked by these Jurassic giants, that I can relive my childhood wandering if this could actually happen and that I have the crap scared out of me with a larger-than-life chase scene.   In the meantime I’ll leave you with this: