X-Men Character Images

Yesterday some HD images of the new class (if you will) of X-Men that will grace the silver screen next year when X-Men Apocalypse hits theatres.

Included in this new photoset are the old favourites like Mystique / Raven, Charles and Eric, Moira (returning for the first time since First Class) Havoc, and Hank  McCoy / Beast. Returning to the universe from Days Of Future Past and the recently released Rogue Cut is Quicksilver, and making their re-debut are the classic X-Men characters Jean Grey, Scott Summers / Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Storm, and taking centre stage for the first time Jubilee. See the images below.

I really like the new look for these characters. I’m excited by the new actors taking on these classic roles and I’m intrigued aboiut the way this franchise has managed to recast the central roles without upsetting people at all. I wonder if this is a technique that might be imployed by the MCU when soime of these fat, lucrative contracts get to difficult to manage? Can you imagine a teenage Tony Stark being brought forward in time to don the armour? Maybe a bit of a push, butr what about The Wolverine? We know Hugh Jackman iskeen to hang up the claws, will we see that character be seemlessly recast? That might be to big a thing to ask of the audience, but no one wants to let Wolverine go so watch this space… 

What do you think of these images? Are you looking forward to Apocalypse? Will we someday soon see a new Wolverine snikting his way through a sequel? Drop ‘em in the comments!

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