Will Ant-Man Be Big?

A new poster for Ant-Man has been revealed via Yahoo.co.uk that includes the tag line “Heroes don’t get any bigger.” and two images of Paul Rudd as the Ant-Man. Does the poster hint at a third act reveal for Marvel’s newest hero…

Ok, first check out the really rather awesome one sheet poster below: 

Now what follows is speculative, but is based on some facts about the character from the comic book so you might consider them potential spoilers. Read on with caution. 

Spoilery bits: 

In the comic books Dr Henry “Hank” Pym, played by Michael Douglas in the movie, uses his discovery, the Pym Particle, to alter his size and become Ant-Man. He later gives that technology, and the Ant-Man mantle (Ant-Mantle!) to Scott Lang. It looks like we will see that in the new movie this summer. In all the trailers and TV spots so far, we’ve been focused on the getting small of it all, but is that where it ends? 

There is another aspect to the Hank Pym character and that’s his other alter ego. In the comic books Hank Pym uses the Pym particle to grow in size and becomes Giant-Man AKA (the much cooler) Goliath. Could we be set for a third act surprise reveal in Ant-Man? 

Look at the promotional materials we’ve seen so far: 

The first teaser poster showed our diminutive hero in his classic tiny form. It was a very clever campaign, and sets up the signature nature of the hero’s shrinking. Every trailer so far has built on that aspect.  

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Then we get a couple of posters that feature both large and small versions of Ant-Man. One even adopts the hero perspective, or “worms eye view” showing Ant-Man as a huge figure in the frame as we look up at him. Are these early hints that we will see two versions of Scott Lang’s (Paul Rudd) hero in the movie? 

At the moment, the third act is set to follow the Iron Man blue print; one technologically enhanced hero versus one technologically enhanced villain in a show down. Wouldn’t it be an interesting twist if those two heroes shrank to duke it out in a Thomas The Tank Engine play set, and then grew to do some Godzilla style “Man Of Steel” destruction. Wouldn’t that be an interesting an unexpected third act twist? Wouldn’t that drive the events of Civil War, if Tony gets his Iron panties in a bunch that two home grown super dudes lay waste to a city because there “power” was not regulated? 

Now take another look at the new poster. We see Scott Lang in tiny Ant-Man form on the Marvel logo, and we see him in a huge, dominant position on the image bursting out of the A. Also look at his pose and then look at the image of Goliath above. Not too dissimilar perhaps? The stoop and the twist of his body, it wouldn’t look out of place looming over a tiny city would it?

What do you think, could we see Ant-Man become Giant-Man AKA Goliath (maybe after Scott Lang rebrands it) in the third act of Marvel’s Ant-Man? Are they bold enough to push things that far in the first movie? Could the events of Ant-Man spark a Civil War? Leave your noodling so in the comments below.  

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