Who Ya Gonna Call?

When I was a young lad my Dad took my sister and I to see Ghostbusters at the cinema. A few years later I went to see Ghostbusters 2 with my friends. SInce those days I’ve owned these movies on every format. I watch the original movie every year around christmas (I cant explain why it has become a Christmas tradition, but it has). So you can imagine that when I heard the franchise was getting a reboot, I wasn’t happy. Then Paul Feig goes on a charm offensive, releasing a bunch of behind the scenes images that have changed my mind. 

Paul Feig, “I’m ready to believe you.”

My initial fears about a Ghostbusters reboot had their roots in the fact that the new movies would exist in a universe where the first film didn’t happen. No my first thought was NOOOOOO! Followed by a “screw this film, kill it with fire.” So I am completely taken aback by the way I’ve started to warm to this project. Gone are my concerns that the all female cast is a gimmick, a hook. onto which this new franchise can be hung, and in their place is the quiet anticipation for what Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy might bring to the new film.

The brief overview is that Wiig and McCarthy’s characters once wrote about book that suggested ghouls, spectres and ghosts were real. You know, the kind of weird, polarising ramblings, original ‘Buster, Dan Ackroyd spouts in real life. When Wiig’s character Erin Gabler decides to go mainstream and enter academia, she leaves McCarthy’s character behind, like a dirty secret. Erin Gabler soon finds her past comes back to haunt her as the book she co-wrote resurfaces and her reputation takes a pounding.

So far, we haven’t wandered too far from the first act motivation found in the original movie. Only here we have the added (and possibly perceived because I am a dude) struggle a professional woman has to build a reputation WITHOUT a questionable book resurfacing. Already the gender swap adds something don’d you think?

So lets get to some of the cool stuff. 

The first thing we got to see from the set was a couple of “spy shots” of Wiig’s Erin Gabler on the New York (Boston) streets. This was followed by some official images from the director himself. Feig chose to use a well chosen hashtag to promote the first wave of images. #WhatYouGonnaWear brought us the first peak at the new Ghostbusters’ attire. Read Feig’s tweet below followed by a better look at the suits.

I’ve always loved the blue collar nature of the Ghostbusters, complete with their “we’re gonna get our hands dirty” boiler suits, and now even the ladies get to done the overalls. It must have been tempting to do a pink, or tailored take on the suits to flatter the Lady 'Busters, but there is no special treatment here. The girls are saddled with baggy and unflattering uniforms, that still look every bit as cool as those worn by the guys in the '80s. Check out the recently leaked shot of McCarthy in the new boiler suit. I think she looks great, and I love the glasses and cool hair do to boot!

Feig was also cool enough to leak the look of the new proton packs, which again, aren’t a million miles away from the original. So far so awesome. Check out a full complement of shots below. Feig was eager to release enough detail for cosplayers to knock up their own versions, proving that Feig and Sony understand their audience and realise that co-opting them as marketeers is a smart move. 

#WhatTheyGonnaDrive sealed the deal for me. Ecto 1 made its debut in a tweet that said, “We got this, you can relax!” The new Ecto 1 is just different enough to seem new and just similar enough to fell like home. I also love that the logo is exactly the same as the original and I love the addition of the new hood ornament. Check out Feig’s tweet and a selection of shots below.

In addition to the official images coming out we get more spy shots like the one below which shows Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon, with what looks like a trap (hopefully full!) and McKinnon looks amazing. I really like the feel of these stylised characters, it just feels right. 

So lets look at the cast outside of the core team. 

We have Chris Hemsworth as the Ghostbuster receptionist, effectively the new Janine. What a cool twist. Looking at Hemsworth’s recent appearance in the Vacation trailer, and a few well timed moments in the Avengers movies, I’ve no doubt he can deliver on the comedy side. 

Then we get Andy Garcia as the Mayor of New York. Could we be set to see a retread of the events of the original film? 

Recently announced is Michael Kenneth Williams, of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire fame. If, like me you’re a Community fan, you’d have seen Williams deliver in a comedic role. Maybe he will be filling the William Atherton role as the officious EPA agent.

Finally we have Neil Casey, who has been labeled the big bad for the new film. Could he be Goza? Or are we scheduled to get a completely original villain here? Part of me wouldn’t mind seeing a story that follows the original loosely (think Jurassic World) that will serve to cleanse the palette and allow for the subsequent movies to go in new directions. Equally, if I do get something original with the occasional homage, at this point, I wouldn’t mind. See how my position has changed? 

So what’s left for us to see? I’m hoping Comic Con might bring us a look at the fire house, maybe some footage (who wouldn’t want to see the “streams” in action eh?) maybe Slimer, who we hear will be making an appearance. Whatever we get, I’m sure i’ll be thrilled. 

Who ya’ gonna call? Paul Feig and the ladies from SNL will do just fine thank you.

As I was putting the finishing touches to this piece Paul Feig tweeted (from SDCC) the latest in what is now, clearly, a series of planned tweets. The latest image came with the hashtag #WhoYaGonnaCall and its of the ladies, including our first look at Leslie Jones in full Ghostbusters regalia, and they look incredible. They are every bit as mismatched as their predecessors, but with a whole lot more attitude. The tweet and the image are below. 

What do you make of the new Ghostbusters? Are you looking forward to the new approach? Should they proceed with the connected universe? Will we see a trailer at Comic Con? Make yourself heard in the comments below.

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