According to iO9 the Transformers movie franchise us heading for a Marvel studio style connected universe. You can read that article here  but suffice to say, I echo the writers *sigh*!

It’s seems today that all studios are looking at what Marvel have worked so hard to achieve and then blindly follow them into a connected universe. In recent years we’ve seen Sony attempt a connected and expanded Spider-Man universe, and we know how that worked out. We know get reports that the Ghostbusters are to be a part of a connected (and extremely calculated!) universe. Again Sony! They’re really jonesing for some of that Marvel dollar! And now Transformers! 

Here’s a fact about what Marvel dud with their univers: they started with one movie.  

They made one incredibly good, solid film with a contained story that established a relatively low level character in their stable of characters and it found its audience. You don’t think they sat down on day one and said, “Lets make a giant connected universe of films over the next ten years that all bleed in to eachother and makes us rich beyond our wildest dreams” do you? No they said, “Let’s focus on Iron Man and make the best movie we can make.”


My advice to Paramount and Sony, Warner Brothers and all the other pretenders to Marvels throne: Go make a good movie first. Just one. One decent Transformers or Ghostbusters film, and then we can talk about expanded universes.