This Week In Star Wars | D23 Edition | Rogue One News

D23 is that gift that keeps on giving and in this case its giving gold. Here is our first image of the cast from Star Wars Anthology Rogue One, and its really rather impactful…

Star Wars Anthology Rogue One Cast Photo

Well there you go. This is the band of rebels responsible for the destruction of the first Death Star. I’m liking the apparent trend of putting a female centre stage in a Star Wars movie, a fitting tribute to a Leia’s Legacy. 

Now, this image is compelling because it is dark as all hell but you still get clear  look at everything going on. It also feels a lot like images from World War II, when you had rag tag groups, war weary gathered around before the next campaign. Some of these characters are so focused on what they are doing, they cant even be bothered to look at the camera, it gives the image a documentary feel and a sense of urgency. I’m loving the atmosphere of this film already. Im still hoping for a teaser trailer this weekend. I will be running it as soon as it is available.

So lets talk Rogue One news for a moment. In addition to the cast we knew about, our lead Felicity Jones, Diego (thats no moon) Luna and Riz Amed, we have Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen confirmed as having joined the cast. The latter two were rumoured last week, but get featured here. 

Two other players were confirmed for Rogue One: Forest Whitaker and Ben Mendelsohn have been attached the feature for a little while now but we got confirmation of their involvement yesterday. We also got some surprising news in the form of Mads Mikkelson (Casino Royale and Hannibal) and Alan Tudyk (Serenity and i, Robot) will be forming part of this cast. Alan Tudyk will be playing a performance capture character in the movie. 

Star Wars Rogue One will be the first Anthology movie to hit our theatres in December 2016 and will be directed by Monsters and Godzilla director Gareth Edwards. The film will reportedly follow a group of rebels who steal the plans to the original Death Star that then end up in the procession of Princess Leia and help Luke destroy the space station before it can wipe out the Rebellion.

What do you make of this first image? Are you excited by the recent cast announcements? What character could Alan Tudyk be playing in Rogue One? Leave you thoughts in the comments below…

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