This Week In Star Wars | D23 Edition | Poster Reveal

This weekends D23 | Expo in California brought us some amazing Star Wars (and Marvel) news. The first thing to talk about is the reveal of the Drew Struzan poster for Star Wars The Force Awakens…

The Force Awakens Drew Struzan One Sheet Poster

Firstly, its beautiful. There is no doubt about its, the only way to do Star Wars right its to observe some simple rules: John Williams music, feature the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 and release a Drew Struzan poster.

Thats three positive checks for J.J. Abrams.

I love this poster. It cleanly delineates the dark and the light sides, and uses very traditional Star Wars elements to do so. On the left we have the earthy tone, a moisture vaporator, the iconic X-Wing fighters, the twin suns (I wonder how many people have noticed that, is Jakku actually Tatooine after all?), and our heroes. One question is answered for us, yes Finn (John Boyega) will wield Luke’s lightsaber in the movie. We have Rey taking centre stage, will she be our protagonist in the new series of movies, my guess is yes. Finally on the hero side, the most popular (arguably) of the old guard, Han Solo, blaster pulled ready for action as always. 

On the Dark Side of the poster we get our new icon of evil, Kylo Renn. We learned this we that Kylo is part of the Knights Of Renn, cant wait to learn more about that, and here he looms large over the frame. Set against the black of space, with the iconic silhouette of the TIE fighters heading straight for us, Renn takes the place of his rumoured idol, Darth Vader, who so often stole focus on the posters for the original movies. Just as our heroes get the twin suns as their OT tie in, Kylo gets what appears to be the steps of the Bespin Cloud City carbon freezing chamber, just at the bottom of the poster. One wonders if that signifies a return to that location? 

What do you make of the new poster? Are these traditional Star Wars elements exciting you? What do you make of those twin suns? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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I spoke briefly with director Kyle Newman via twitter about the twin suns in this poster and here  is his take on it:

I meant “writes one off as a lens flare” but I’m so excited about this poster I got carried away.