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We’re not saying we are counting the days to the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens, but:

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Its a huge weekend this weekend! We should be getting a new poster for The Force Awakens today (Sunday, if you’re reading this on the day its posted!) and tomorrow (Monday) will see a new trailer debut! As a dedicated Star Wars fan I will be waiting patiently for the poster release so here is what i plan to do. Below is an image from, which is a tweet confirming the poster / trailer release, now, when the poster is released I will replace the image below with the poster. That way you guys get that image as a part of your This Week In Star Wars experience. Check back later. 

This broke lat week before This Week In Star Wars posted, but it seems like a bit of a nothing story to me at this point so I didn’t run it. Then I felt guilty because you fine people should be allowed to decide for yourselves. Please let me know in the comments if you agree that this casting, although splendid (Michael B. Jordan is usually the best thing about anything he is involved with!) will never happen. via /Film

Do you want to watch some Star Wars related videos? Below is our Star Wars Bits playlist. See the things that turned our heads this week. 

That epic sand sculpture below comes via Click on the page to learn more.

NYCC 2015 brought the news of a new Star Wars comic book title coming soon. Its and Boi-Wan and Anakin book, which I may well jump on board with. Read more about the new book at

Feast your eyes on a selection of Star Wars Top Tens, courtesy of’s editorial staff:

Not so long ago I stumbled across Hello Greedo and I have to tell you, he has a unique view on the Star Wars universe, but he certainly makes great points. Check out his news feed below:

Sky TV in the UK have signed a new multi year deal with Disney that will see future Disney titles air exclusively on Sky after their initial cinema run. The deal includes the Star Wars movies. Read more over on the

Collider have their own Star Wars show called Jedi Council. Check it out below: 

Check out this beautiful peace of Star Wars art, entitled Ms. Stormtrooper, by DeviantArtist ArtGerm. See more by clicking the image itself.

Are you still counting how many times you’ve seen these trailers? Well click play and tally up: 

With any luck Inquisitr are right and that space above will be filled with a new trailer from 19th October onwards.

There are some great Star Wars podcasts out there. Here’s are three of our favourites for you to check out:

RebelForce Radio

The ForceCast

Full Of Sith

Get the latest Star Wars Rebels videos from The Official Star Wars YouTube channel:

You think you know Star Wars A New Hope? Well test your metal with the quiz below. I got 14 out of 15 and I hate myself for getting one wrong:


I started recording random Star Wars theories during my drive to the day job. So thought I’d launch a YouTube only podcast (or TubeCast if you will) and put them out as frequently as possible. I will include them here every week. Get the latest below:

Did you know you can now get the official Star Wars app for iOS in UK? I’d given up looking and just stumbled across it this morning. Get yours by clicking the image below;

This week Tim Veekhoven takes a look at a really desirable vintage Star Wars toy: The Death Star playlet. Read that here. In his article Tim references the international version of this playlet, which was on many a christmas list in my house (I never did get to own it!) and if you want to know what that version of the playlet looked like I will place some images below.

This weeks J.J. Corner comes with the, frankly impressive news that J.J. has managed to retain final cut on The Force Awakens. Read more on that here and enjoy the video below.

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