The X-Files Phile

Writing this gives me so much pleasure, I don’t know where to start…

When the X-Files Revival was announced, and Gillian Anderson was on the Nerdist podcast starting hashtags and so on, one person leaped to mind. Kumail Nanjiani is probably single handedly responsible for keeping The X-Files alive through his podcast The X-Files Files. Now Kumail gets to be a part of the legend…

Below is a tweet that landed in my feed a few days ago:

Thats Kumail, looking like that cat that got that cream, standing between two of his favourite characters, from his favourite TV show, which he now has a role on!

This is great! Its so rare to see someone get their dream, and that fulfilment is on show here in this image. Well done sir, well done.

Lets hope this means some really interesting content is coming to The X-Files Files soon, like Mulder and Scully themselves, talking about the show.

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