The Punisher: The Race Is On!

Two days ago I wrote an article about all the uncast heroes in the MCU, well it would appear a rather big actor read this article and decided to out his interest in one of the roles…I wish. But the timing is impeccable, Tom Hardy wants to portray The Punisher. What could this mean for the future of the hero? Let’s have a look…

The idea of Tom Hardy as The Punisher has the internet singing from the same hymn sheet; people are excited. Literally salivating at the thought of Tom Hardy becoming The Punisher. But what would it mean for the hero? The Punisher which has no official word of a reboot at this point is being touted as a possibly Netflix venture for Marvel in the future but with somebody of Hardy’s reputation attached will they possibly rethink the idea and reboot him in a movie? With Deadpool potentially opening the door for an 18 rated superhero flick, The Punisher could potentially fare well again on the big screen. Whether or not Disney would want to be associated with such a movie is another thing but the idea has legs. Personally I think it would be better suited to a series, as much as Daredevil blew all expectations out of the water, imagine The Punisher having thirteen episodes (or more) to do what he does best. But is Hardy likely to a) be able to commit to a project of such length or b) want to be on the small screen oppose to the big? Although he has experience in both, he does seem to favour the big screen.

“I want The Punisher… I want The Punisher, or Splinter Cell, I want something…I don’t know what I want”

Even the star himself admits to not knowing what he wants at the moment but I think he wants a cult character he can sink his teeth into. Tom Hardy is already attached to the Splinter Cell project but with plenty of setbacks it’ll be interesting to see if that ever gets off the ground. It does seem as if it could be one or the other but having met with Marvel about Dr Strange before Benedict Cumberbatch was chosen, Tom Hardy has his foot in the door at Marvel and that could bode well for the fans who want to see him in the MCU. Before anybody can be cast as The Punisher, Marvel have to decide what they’re going to do with the character. They retained the rights to the dark hero back in 2013 along with Daredevil, Blade and Ghost Rider. Although there doesn’t seem to be the same fan pressure to recreate Blade or Ghost Rider. I’m not convinced people were bothered about Daredevil until they brought him back in style on Netflix. Kevin Feige has previously said that there are plans as far forward as 2021 so where does that leave The Punisher?

Lastly is Tom Hardy the man for the job? Sure he’s got the gritty attitude needed to pull of the hard-man hero but I don’t know I that’s enough to make the cut. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge Hardy fan but if the hero is going to American (which I assume he would) that could be a minor stumbling block as I’m not convinced Hardy has the best repertoire of accents. He’s a great actor but accents (so far at least) haven’t been his strong suit. Though that shouldn’t be the reason for him not to get it. Even though I didn’t hate either Thomas Jane’s or Ray Stevenson’s portrayal of The Punisher I think Hardy will probably edge those two as he has that air of unpredictability about him. He could fly off the handle and go nuts and I think The Punisher has the capacity to do that also. Hardy claimed he was too short for the role but again I don’t think that’ll be a huge issue. Scott Adkins (as previously stated in my last article) has also outed his interest in playing The Punisher, he tends to play the hard geezer in his movies too and with no other people coming out as wannabe Punishers then it could be a straight shoot-out between Hardy and Adkins. Adkins is only an inch taller and a year older than Hardy so it’s a close call. I reiterate a point I made a few days ago about British talent making the cut in these international blockbusters and with both these actors hailing from the UK it would seem that this may continue.

So who is your Punisher; Tom Hardy or Scott Adkins? Got somebody else you’d like to throw into the mix? Join the conversation and leave a comment below…