The Krays

So Tom Hardy is to play Ronnie and Reggie…

Gotta say, I abhor violence and all that goes along with it, but I am intrigued by the stories.

And the Kray’s is quite a story.

I’ve sen a ton of documentaries about them, and always found it very odd to listen to these older guys offering their commentary on what happened all this years ago. They look like such sweet old men now.

So the idea of my (joint) fav actor in the whole wide world playing BOTH of these guys in another re-hash is very exciting. But as I have to wait for Legend a little longer, I thought I’d watch the Kemp bros push their talents in the meantime.

I generally remembered the gist of the film as being a set of skits, identifying the various notorious acts these two had gone through, mixed with a bit of build up of Reggie’s marriage to the sad Frances and Ronnie dealing with his anger at varying stages.

In the meantime, the director had to throw in their war with he Richardson’s, the adoption bt the US mafia and ownership of North London al leading to their individual final acts of “vengeance” on those who dare challenge them. Namely Jack “The HAT” and Cornell.

And to be honest, that was all this film still delivered. Granted the Kemp’s to give it a good go, but at time the script is so thin, you almost wonder what the dialogue is pointing at.

Obviously her CV is rather higher on the scale, but Billie Whitelaw is superb as their loving mother, and the boys do a great job of showing their devotion to her. Completely true to the family in reality.

At the end of the day, what could be (and should be!) a story about two of London biggest names during an era of underworld tension and glamour, simply looks like another London gangster movie. And I thought they could have paid more focus on truly interesting people.

But that’s OK, because like I said….

Mr Hardy is going to give it another go…… Can’t wait

Thanks for reading - Geek Paul