The Force Awakens | Full Trailer And Poster

Big things appear to be happening in Star Wars this weekend, starting tomorrow (Sunday) with an official poster being revealed and then on Monday we should see the theatrical trailer…

This has been rumoured for some time now, with outlets like Collider speculating that the trailer would coincide with the advance ticket sales, also thought to be planned for Monday. This news comes from /Film via io9. 

The other thing mentioned in connection to the poster release, is the reveal of the logo treatment for The Force Awakens. I’m a little surprised at this news because a logo already exists and it plastered all over the first wave of The Force Awakens merch! Does this mean the next wave of toys will have alternate packaging? If that’s true I might go buy as much TFA stuff as possible.

How excited are you for the news? Will you be booking your tickets on Monday? What do you expect from a poster? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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