Thank you Mr Nolan...

Late again…

When it comes to movies I’m always very excited about what’s coming and making a plan to go see it.

Rarely happens.

I never intend it, but most of my viewing now is either DVD or via some TV stream channel or another. 

It’s almost 1 AM now and I have just finished Interstellar. And thinking of watching it again…. immediately.

I remember leaving the theater after Inception and simply replying to the question “So? What did you think?”, with…

“Thank you Mr. Nolan”…

I hid away from much of the critique when this had it’s cinematic release purely to go in blind. As I did with Inception. Trouble was I didn’t actually go anyway. 

So after this weeks Movie Cast, and Andy’s high praise I thought it was time as this is supposed to be my corner of the world. This is my genre.

So I pressed play and the SYNCOPY logo fades away….

We are offered, what many complained about before, the usual story of mans demise on Earth and the search for a solution to save our species. Our main focus during this time is a father with his two kids and their grandfather, played by Matt McConaughey, Mackenzie Foy, Timothee Chalamet and John Lithogow, all giving solid performances.

Food is scarce and farming has become the prime occupation, but sadly time is fast running out.

Enter NASA,  which offers us Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley and Michael Caine among a few more names.

Long after funds have been withdrawn, our favorite space agency has gone underground to work on the problem. But it means travel. Very distant travel.

This is where the science fiction slows and the  story becomes human. This is where we must deal with separation from loved ones over great distance and even greater time.

Cooper (McConaughey) and Brand (Hathaway) have to come to term with balancing the sacrifice of saying goodbye to their families or allow our species, and their own children to succumb to the Earths fate.

They have been given the means of reaching a distant world, likely to be capable of sustaining life, But, its on the other side of a worm hole near Saturn.

So. Not exactly a days drive.

I am saying no more about the elements that lay ahead. Watch it.

By doing so you will experience something I have not felt in a long time from a film, where I was utterly excited to see the vision of the unknown, I genuinely cared for the characters as they faced each problem that came their way. Captivated by the science and the theory of the journey. And… completely riveted and compelled by every frame, word and visual Mr Nolan offered me.

I must add here that credit must also go to Jonathan Nolan as co-writer, and of course Hans Zimmer, whose score is truly phenomenal.

The cast is awesome with Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Matt Damon and Ellen Burstyn all throwing their hats in.

All the performances as stated before are solid, but a special shout must go out to Matt McConaughey who truly did a wonderful job.

So please Mr Nolan, get back to work.

Cinema needs you…

Thanks for reading

Geek Paul