Suicide Squad - Table Read

I really wish directors would consider us British bloggers when they tweet exciting news! I missed this by about an hour last night because David Ayer tweeted it after my eyes had slammed shut! Any-hoo, above is an image of the cast of Suicide Squad gathered together for the first table read. 

Noticeably absent from the gathering is Jared Leto, who is currently touring with his band 30 Seconds From Mars.  Maybe you’ve heard him rocking a creepy voice onstage? People are suggesting this might be his Joker voice. Should I be worried? I mean, I am worried, but is that justified? When Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker he shut himself away for weeks on end, scrawling in a little notebook trying to “find” the Joker. What he found he put onscreen and it became one of modern cinemas most compelling portrayals of a cinematic villain. Is Mr. Leto’s process a haircut and voice used in a rock concert? Hey perhaps I’m being fickle! Let’s move on…

Those at the table include Jai Courtney, sporting a rather handsome beard, Joel Kinnerman who replaced Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg, more on that in a moment, and Margot Robbie who will be playing the first big screen representation of Paul Dini’s Harley Quinn. 

Also at the table is Will Smith who plays Deadshot in the film. If he looks different to you in this picture it’s because he isn’t with Jaden Smith, an unusual sight these days.

Wow, I’m bitchy today!

I still consider Will Smith a flight risk for this film. I can’t believe one of Hollywood’s A-List is willing to take a relatively minor role in an ensemble piece. Which introduces additional concerns about how much the script favours Deadshot? Will this become The Deadshot Show? Only time will tell. Early this year Tom Hardy left the project amidst claims he didn’t approve of the script. Lation Review had  suggested that Hardy’s concerns related to how much the character of Rick Flagg had changed in the script. Had the character been altered to accommodate Smith’s Deadshot? Flagg is the leader of the Suicude Squad in the comic books, can you imagine Joel Kinnerman, who replaced Hardy as Rick Flagg, taking that role in the movie with Will Smith onscreen? No, I suspect some tinkering has gone on to reposition Deadshoot in a lead role, which may have been enough to drive Tom Hardy away. The screen simply isn’t big enough for that many leads.

The only question now is can the screen contain characters like The Joker and Harley Quinn without either getting short changed? Only time will tell.

Are you excited for Suicide Squad? Are DC getting it right or should they be following the Marvel Model? Is Jared Leto the right guy to play The Joker? Have your say in the comments below…