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If you read our site with any degree of regularity you’ll know I like a theory or two, especially if it relates to Star Wars. You can read some of my theories here and here. So it should not come as a surprise that I have a theory about Star Wars Rogue One. Specifically who Felicity Jones might be playing in that movie…

When Felicity was announced as the lead in the first of the standalone Star Wars movies, now classified “Anthology” films, I started to consider who she might be portraying. Perhaps an original character with no ties to the enumerated Start Wars films? Perhaps a member of the Star Wars Rebels line up of characters, Hera or Sabine? Or perhaps she will be a Returning (trust me that upper case R will make sense in a minute) character in the new series of films? I have a favourite option, but lets look at each possibility separately.

Original Characters Only Thank You

The chances are the new cast of characters will be exactly that; new. We know that the enumerated Star Wars films are the Skywalker story right? The prequel trilogy (like them or not) document the fall of Anakin Skywalker, the second trilogy (the original and best movies) follows the redemption of Anakin Skywalker, saved by his children Luke and Leia. The third trilogy, which launches this christmas with The Force Awakens will also follow a Skywalker. Yep, if you hadn’t considered this before, consider it now; these films have to focus on a Skywalker. Thems the rules kids, enumerated Star Wars movies are the Skywalker story. So if trilogy one is Anakin’s fall, and trilogy two is Anakin’s Redemption, I submit to you that trilogy three will be Anakin’s Legacy. Just as we followed a collection of characters affected by Anakin’s fall to the dark side, and his kids bringing about his redemption, so shall we see his effect on the next generation of Skywalkers, namely Adam Driver’s Kylo Renn. I predict, and the link to this theory is in the opening section of this post, that Driver will play Han and Leia’s son who is obsessed with his Grandfather, Darth Vader and so starts down the same path toward the dark side. 

But I digress. Rogue One, being only tangentially connected to the Skywalker Saga, has no need to include any of the characters from that series of films. A lot has been said by producers that indicate that they consider the Star Wars universe to be large enough to have events exist on their own. We may hear reference to events in the other areas of Star Wars, but we don’t need to see them. So, Rogue One characters can refer to say, Princess Leia, but we don’t need to see her. They could refer to an event from Star Wars Rebels, but we need not see it. Thats great in theory, but I think there is a chance that even if our core group of characters are completely original characters designed for this film, that we may see some cross overs. These crossovers may be accessible, they may also be deeper cuts for the real fans. Or they could be as simple as this:

“Billie Lourd was rumoured to be playing Princess Leis in a flashback scene in Star Wars The Force Awakens. Miss Lourd recently said that this was a lie, a rumour, but she would very much like to play Princess Leia, a role made famous by her mother Carrie Fisher. So is it a lie? Remember what director J.J. Abrams said about Khan being in Star Trek Into Darkness? What if Billie Lourd is playing a young Princess Leia in The Force Awakens? Could that be to introduce us to the idea of a new actress embodying that role? Maybe we need to get used to it because Princess Leia will be appearing in the Anthology Films, not as a central character, but as a returning character with limited screen time? She is the Rebel Leader after all.”  – A theory by me

So we could be getting all new characters in the one and done Anthology movie series. That could work, but what if the film makers went for more synergy…

Conclusion: Felicity Jones will play an original character in Star Wars Rogue One

From Rebels To Rogues

Star Wars Rogue One will be about the rebels who steal the plans to the Death Star. Thats out there now, its no secret, most of you reading this will have seen the footage from Star Wars celebration that shows the Death Star hanging, ominously over a planet. Our heroes will be the guys who acquire those plans and hand them off to Princess Leia. So we might see Princess Leia in this movie (see above box out), could we see other characters from the Star Wars universe who are striking back at the Empire in their own franchises? 

Star Wars Rebels is an animated TV show on Disney XD. Its a good show, even if it does skew a little young from time to time. At the core of the show are a number of original characters, Kanan, a former Jedi Padawan turned smuggler. Ezra, a street rat orphan strong in the Force. Hera, a strong female pilot with this to the Rebel Alliance that pulls the rest of the team into the “bigger picture”. Sabine, a young woman from Mandalore with a taste for graffiti (I also predict she will turn out to be the daughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi but thats another article). Zeb, the requisite Chewy like creature on the show. And the grumpy Artoo like droid Chopper.The show is set in the  years leading up to Episode IV A New Hope, in fact that phrase gets use in the show opening episode and it’ll give you chills. With Rogue One set in the same time frame, we could expect cross overs with Star Wars Rebels. 

Initially I wondered if maybe Felicity Jones could be playing Hera, the pilot/mother figure on Rebels. Then I doubted the creators of the films would put an alien character in the lead of their first stand alone movie. Although, if we set that aside for a second, If Hera was the central character of Star Wars Rogue one, they could cross pollenate the franchises. Star Wars Rebels fans would be drawn to the movie, and the movies audience could be drawn to the TV show. Synergy. That all sounded great, I like the character of Hera, I love the actress that portrays her on the show, Vanessa Marshall, so that’d be great. Until…

Toward the end of season one of Rebels, show runner Dave Filoni did something to shake up my theory. He brought back a significant character from Star Wars The Clone Wars, Lucasfilm’s first foray into animation. He brought back Ahsoka Tano. Ashoka is a fan favourite character with significant ties to the Skywalker saga. She was, after all, Anakin’s Padawan. Now I’m certain they will be exploring the new dynamic between Ahsoka and Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader in the TV show, but I cant think of a character better suited to represent the expanding Star Wars universe in the standalone movies. Ahsoka would be possessed of a singular motivation to take down the Empire, and her former master. It would be fitting to see that it was this young Jedi who lead the charge against the Empire and won the Rebellion its first victory. Maybe she dies in the film, maybe she goes onto the subsequent Anthology films, either way, one of the closest people to Anakin, striking hard at what he is trying to build has a certain amount of poetry to it. The one thing that could prevent this is whether the film makers want their lead character to be an alien, and so their Oscar nominated actress to be buried under piles of make up…

Conclusion: Felicity Jones will play Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars Rogue One 

The Return Of An Original  Trilogy Character

This is my favoured theory. We will see an original trilogy character return, in her younger from in Star Wars Rogue One. That character will be Mon Mothma. 
We first see Mon Mothma in Return Of The Jedi, when she briefs the Rebels gathered together before the assault on the second Death Star. Why would she being briefing the Rebels? Because she has done this before! I predict that Felicity Jones will be playing the Rebel Leader Mon Mothma in Star Wars Rogue One. This means the lead character is human(oid) so there will be no heavy make up on our attractive young lead actress, and it makes her story more accessible / relatable if she looks like us. Also it will tie the stories together in a nice neat way, having Mon Mothma at the briefing in Jedi gets extra meaning, and so these new Star Wars stand alone movies start to enhance the original films in an unexpected way. 

If you get creative with the numbers you can start to make it work too. The actress who originally played Mon Mothma in Jedi is named Caroline Blakiston. Miss Blakiston was fifty when she played the part in Jedi, so its fair to assume the character was around that age too, maybe a little younger. If Jedi is four years after the first Death Star exploded (wookieepedia states Empire as being three years after A New Hope and Jedi one year after Empire) which buys us four years, putting Mon Mothma in her early to mid forties when the Death Star Blew. Felicity Jones will be thirty two(ish) in Rogue One so we can assume the character is the same age(ish). Now if Miss Jones plays up in age and we say Miss Blakiston played down in age, and we said the events of Star Wars Rogue One were maybe a year before the events of A New Hope, we can get the to kind of meet. Phhheeeew. Anyway, Ewan McGregor played a forty something Obi-Wan in Revenge Of The Sith and he was in his early thirties at the time, so who cares about numbers. Felicity Jone could verY well be playing Mon Mothma in Star Wars Rogue One. Think about it; we get another strong female character in the Star Wars universe, one who goes on to do great and important things. We will get to see her on the ground with a group of soldiers, maybe they are Rogue Group, and as the leader she is Rouge One. We will get a franchise entry with a woman as the lead character, driving the action. Thats bloody exciting. How bold would that be, to take a character like Mon Mothma and place in middle of this adventure. It’d be amazing.

Conclusion: Felicity Jones will play Mon Mothma in Star Wars Rogue One.

I started to believe that Felicity Jones would play Mon Mothma when the Star Wars movie were released on iTunes recently. A trailer was released for the digital movie collection and it featured Mon Mothma! She doesn’t put up often. Check it out below, you get Mon Mothma’s line at the thirty six second mark:

Why would you include such a seemingly insignificant character in the railer for the new releases? She didn’t feature in the trailer for the Blu Ray. Are we being reminded that this character exists?

My theory is that Felicity Jones will play Mon Mothma, call sign Rogue One, in the first Star Wars Anthology Movie; Rogue One.

Here is the official description of the new movie:

“A band of resistance fighters unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans in the Star Wars Anthology film, Rogue One.”

And here are some quotes from the creators behind the movie:

“Real…This is a real place that we’re really in…The thing that interests me about it, is Star Wars was basically very black and white. Our movie is gray.”  – Gareth Edwards On Rogue One

“I started thinking about which story would I like to see told? I informally pitched it around…One of the people I pitched it to was Pablo, and he was pretty enthusiastic about it as well…I made an appointment with Kathy and Kiri, pitched the 20-minute version of this, and got a pretty good response.”  – John Knoll

News came out mere days ago that Diego Luna has joined the cast of Star Wars Rogue One. via

What do you think? Could I be right, will we see Mon Mothma’s character fleshed out in the new film? Am I way off base, will these characters all be new? Do you expect to see live action versions of the animated characters on these films? Let me know in the comments below…

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Note: Pepoluan, who reblogged this post and suggested I am xenophobic seems to have lost sight of the fact that Felicity Jones is the lead in this movie. My claims that Miss Jones is likely to be human is based on the fact that Star Wars movies have humanoid leads, not actors covered in heavy make up. It is a prediction based on the pragmatism on the film makers part, not a personal sense of “xenophobia”. It’s a shame Pepoluan didn’t read the article thoroughly or they’d have understood that. M