Star Wars Insights | The Force Awakens Trailer

The Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer has finally arrived and it is mind blowing. Watch the trailer below and then join me as I take a look at some of the key moments, what they mean for specific characters and whether we have had any of our theories confirmed…

Lets start with Rey. 

We open with Rey salvaging what appears to be that downed Star Destroyer and in voiceover we hear Lupita Nyong'o’s Maz Kanata ask, “Who are you?” to which Rey replies, “I’m no one.” For the longest time people have been speculating that Rey is either a Skywalker or a Solo, could this be a strong message that Rey is a new, original character that we will get to follow as she starts on her adventure? Personally I hide so. 

I suspect Rey will be this trilogy’s Luke. We get a lot of similar notes here, with Rey existing on Jakku, moving through the wastelands like Luke would have done during A New Hope. We also get to see her wistfully gaze up at ships leaving the planet, dreaming, perhaps, of the day she will get out into the wider world. 

There was theory that Rey was left on Jakku by her parents with a promise of their return. That this is why Rey has remained on Jakku, waiting to be rescued. Maybe we are getting a look at some of those elements in this trailer?


Straight off the back of Rey’s introduction we get a look at our other leads story. We get a look at the First Order army, and hear Finn say he has been raised for one thing his whole life, but now he has nothing to fight for. I suspect this indicates that Finn and his brethren were raised from birth ti be stormtroopers, that the days of clones are gone, the days of enlisted troops are gone, that this new Empire, The First Order, strip children of their humanity and enslave them as soldiers. Unless they are clones, that would be a nice call back…

We see The TIE Fighter spin out of control toward the surface of Jakku and then we see Finn (in Poe’s clothes) walk up to a dune overlooking a settlement. We have covered Finn’s potential arc in other editions of Insights, you can seek them out and have a read for more detail.

Finn’s story seems to be following Han’s EU story: a disillusioned Imperial looking for a new life, but also has elements of Luke’s, especially as we see him holding a particular weapon later in the trailer…

Kylo Ren

I have long suspected that Kylo Ren was a Darth Vader fanboy. More than that i believe he might be his grandson (son to Leia and Han) and what we’ve seen here makes me even more sure that this is what we will see come December. 

Our first glimpse go Kylo sees him on the bridge of a StarDestroyer, Darth Vader style with his hood down giving us a good look at that helmet. Shortly after we see him addressing Vader’s mask with the lines we are now familiar with from those toys. “I will finish what you’ve started.”, and then we see him “torturing” Poe Dameron, presumably with his Force ability. Kylo Ren is our bad guy kids, and he aint playing.

Shortly after we get a look at some shots of the Falcon evading TIE Fighters over Jakku. This is certainly the IMAX sequence of the film and as we know, Rey will be in the pilots seat for this sequence.

Remember at Celebration when we heard the words “Chewy, we’re home” and every man of 40 started crying like a baby? Well I think we get a t look at the scenes immediately after that here. If you were wondering who Han was pointing that blaster at then brace yourself, because I think its Rey and Finn. We get a couple of shots of Han talking to Rey and Finn about the Dark Side and about the Jedi and it makes it quite clear that these things are treated as legends by the people who populate the universe. Is that the effect of great PR by the First Order? Or were the events of the original trilogy a little more low key than we had imagined? 

Next we get a wicked cool shot of The Millennium Falcon screaming through hyperspace (very J.J.s Star Trek) which is followed by some action shots of aerial battles. Its all very beautiful.

There is a very cool shot of Kylo Ren and some troops in the rain. Maybe one of those troops in Captain Phasma, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Kylo Renn had his own Seven Samurai group of elite troops, and thats who we are seeing here. 

Ok, here are some really cool bits. First. We get a shot of Han, Rey and Finn approaching a castle. This is certainly the castle of Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong'o), where it is rumoured the group will share a vision that recounts the journey of Luke’s lightsaber. Will this be required in order to locate Luke? I still believe that this is a trap set by Kylo Renn to lead him to Luke. We know that he wants to destroy the “Last Jedi” which I’m assuming means Luke. Is this where that journey begins..? 

There is a great shot of Captain Phasma.

There are some awesome images of our band of heroes in action…

We see Poe and Finn exchange a pre-battle glance as the Resistance prepares for war. This reminds me of the base on Yavin in A New Hope before the assault on the first Death Star, and the similarities might not end there either…

In the image above there is a trench which I believe to be a Death Star style trench on a planet that has been converted into a giant weapon. We have heard for a while now that the Starkiller base is capable of destroying an entire solar system. I think we got a glimpse of that base of the poster on sunday, and what we initially though might be a ray shield over the trench is actually an atmosphere. This will certainly up the stakes. 

The real trial however, will be very up close and personal. For starters we get a nice reunion between the rogue and the Princess, and then we get a look at a lightsaber duel.

I suspect the shot of Han and Leia takes place before the resistance launches its attack on the Starkiller base with Han, Chewy, Finn and Rey setting off on their own mission. A mission that will bring them into conflict with Kylo Ren. In the images below we see Finn squaring off against Kylo Ren, lightsaber drawn. Kylo Ren isn’t wearing his helmet in this image. Maybe that is because he has revealed his true identity to his prey, and especially to Han Solo, who I think we will learn is his father. Perhaps this is where Solo dies and Finn fights Ren, with disastrous consequences. Look closely at the last image in this sequence and you see what looks like Rey crouched over Finn’s body. Will Finn, who we know is returning for Episode VII, be critically wounded during the fight? Maybe its Finn who loses a hand in this movie? Or maybe that body belongs to a scruffy looking’ nerf herder…

Finally, lets enjoy one exciting image that confirms what we believed, that BB-8 is in fact an astromech droid, perched behind the cockpit of Poe Dameron’s X-Wing as they fly into battle. He is definitely this trilogies R2-D2.

What did you think of the new trailer? Have you got your own theories about what we’ve seen? Drop them in the comments…

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