Spider-Man Casting News?

The inter-webs are abuzz with news that Marvel and Sony have cast their new Peter Parker / Spider-Man, and the part goes to…

Asa Butterfield Is The New Spider-Man(?)

Latino Review are claiming the the deal is done and that Asa Butterfield is the new Peter Parker / Spider-Man and that they have been sitting on the news since last friday. Other sites are being slightly more deliberate in their coverage and stating that its likely the the deal is nearing completion and that we are very near to an announcement by all involved.

If the rumours are true then it geeks one Movie Geek’s seal of approval at least. I will be thrilled if this is the way Marvel go with the new Spider-Man. The young Peter’s journey (starting after the traditional original apparently) will be perfectly told with a skilled young actor like Asa Butterfield under the mask. It goes without saying that he looks the part, check out the image below:

By choosing such a young actor to play the character the creators have achieved a couple of things. Firstly, longevity. With such a young Peter under the mask Sony get to build a universe of their own with a series of films telling Spider-Man’s story over many years with our new Peter Parker growing up, along with the actor in the role. We can see Peter struggle through school, enter the work place at the Bugle and find love with a new Gwen and maybe a new MJ. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly at this point; They get to unveil the character in Captain America: Civil War and if the story follows the book in even the slightest way, then having such a young man under the mask ups the stakes considerably. Bringing a “child” into these huge dangerous battles, whether he can lift a bus or not, is risky thing for the Avengers. I expect the Avengers’ realisation that Peter is a young boy, to be quite impactful.

Now if the reports are correct and Asa Butterfield has won the role of Peter Parker then the timing is important. Captain America Civil War has started filming already, so if Spider-Man is going to appear in that film (and its not a done deal just yet) then Asa will have to be able to hit the ground running. The timing also lends some support to our theory about how Spider-Man might be introduced to the MCU. If Marvel make an announcement now that they have their actor, they could also tack a sting onto Ant-Man and get the character into cinemas within the next couple of months, even if we don’t get a peek under the mask, the CGI asset could be shown swinging through NYC. 

Just imagine the audience boost for Ant-Man if Marvel “leaked” that Spidey would appear after the end credits!

A few weeks ago Andy and I speculated about how Spider-Man might be introduced into the MCU. Hear that conversation below:

What do you think of the potential casting of Asa Butterfield as the web slinger? Would you have preferred to have seen Miles Morales in the new movies? Or did you have another idea all together? Let us know in the comments below.

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