It’s no secret. I love movie scores. Even for films I have yet to see….

To be honest, Zimmer, Newman, Elfman, Powell, Doyle, Horner and Shore among many others are my normal field of listening.

For me the music to a motion picture is the movie blood. it carries the life of the story all the way to the final scene. And producing a good one is a complete art, as important as any director.

I’ve enjoyed watching DVD extras where the composer gets a small shout and we look at the recording process with a 40 piece orchestra as the film is screened alongside. To a peek into the mixing room where the director makes comments and generally get in the way.

The people are total artists and (award ceremonies apart) have been somewhat overlooked for years. For my part, I look at the composer of the score immediately I do the director in many cases.

So, the idea of SCORE is extremely exciting. We take a thorough look behind the scenes with a handful of the biggest names in movie music and their efforts.

The movie is still part of a Kickstarter - so PLEASE join in and help

Take a moment to think about a few of these, go find them and listen again and see what they evoke….

The Imperial March - Jaws Theme - Bond Theme - Titanic Hymn to the Sea-  Avatar Fall of Home Tree - Forbidden Friendship - The Map Room - Dream is Collapsing - Why So Serious?

And this is just a handful. I swear these themes probably mean more to me than the scenes themselves on many occasions.

So hopefully SCORE will be with us real soon.

I wonder who is writing the theme for it?

Thanks for Listening - Geek Paul