Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

One thing that came out of D23 that, disappointed me was a tiny detail, but a crucial one. There is a name change for the still quite new Anthology Series… 

The Anthology Series will now be known as Star Wars Stories. So the movie previously known as Star Wars Anthology Rogue One will now be known as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Subsequent entries will no doubt follow suit, meaning we will get Han Solo: A Star Wars Story in a couple of years. At least we won’t be cursed with a Star Wars Origins: Han Solo, because we know what happens to Origins films. Yes I’m looking at you, Wolverine!

Personally I liked the Anthology brand very much indeed, so this is a little disappointing for me, but, having said that, there is a benefit to having the phrase Rogue One take the lead in the film’s name , after all, I’m pretty sure we all already refer to this movie as, simply, Rogue One.

What do you make of the new title? Did you like the Anthology idea? Are you getting Blue Harvest flashbacks? Leave your thoughts in the comments below…

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