Pacific Rim 2

Guillermo Del Toro confirms shooting to start on Pacific Rim 2. I can confirm that I am excited! The first one was a real movie going experience for me, the scale of the movie blew me away and the sequel is set to do it again!

In terms of storyline and content for the sequel it is being kept well under wraps but there was always whispers after the first that the sequel would focus more on the Kaiju. Welcome news for this movie geek but it could be a potential risk, especially when Del Toro has been recorded as saying he hopes to make a trilogy. Funnily enough a conversation between myself and another of the movie geeks the other night discussed the future of the creature feature and whether or not main characters can be monsters. Well if anybody could pull it off, it’s Guillermo! I don’t think the movie would set the Kaiju up as the hero, as that would completely juxtapose the original but I reckon it’ll attempt to give the war between Kaiju and Jaegers balance. The first movie gave the feeling of an invasion and I believe the second film will give the audience the reason or the necessity for the Kaiju invasion and how they came about creating such monsters.

Apart from knowing the filming will start in November, Del Toro is keeping his cards close to his chest. Guillermo has stated that the film would take place a few years after the first film and that not all the characters will feature heavily in the film but could return in the climactic scenes to drive towards a huge finale and set up the third film. In an interview with Yahoo, Guillermo mentions the final scenes (spoiler alert – it doesn’t really contain spoilers). Which can be found here:

Being a huge fan of Del Toro’s it’s refreshing to hear that the director still finds solace in his creations and continues to make passion projects!

There are whispers on the internet of a Jaeger – Kaiju hybrid, let that sink in for a moment.

Pacific Rim 2 is scheduled for release on August 4th 2017. 

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