My Top 5 Games That Deserve A Movie

There are lots of games being adapted into movies with the majority being based on AAA games but that doesn’t mean that the best games are being given the Hollywood treatment. I am looking forward to many of the future incarnations but there are a few games that are dire need of there own big screen stories. My list below is not exhaustive of my desires but they are the ones that I feel would benefit from a studio picking it up. Please sound off in the comments with your favourite and most wanted game adaptations. 


Fallout would transition perfectly to the big screen. With a deep mythology already established in a world that is easily relatable, a trip into the wasteland would be accessible to fans of the series and to people who had never been part of that world before.

With the lore set in place but no linear narrative to hold it back it would be a simple property to convert into a movie. The games have a good equilibrium of dread and humour, which would be a refreshing watch as most post apocalyptic outings are generally bleak. Coupled with the “what if the world had ended in the 50’s?” pitch the movie would certainly be original.

Super Mutants, plasma guns, The Brotherhood of Steel and oodles of quirks would make a fallout movie a definite sucess if done in the right way. If I could chose my ideal writer/director for the project it would be Alex Garland. He is no stranger when it comes to writing about survival and his recent directorial debut was defiantly not something to scoff at.

Dead Space

With the claustrophobic feel and horror in space setting akin to Alien and the twisted psychosis of Event Horizon, Dead Space would be a visceral kick to our senses. 

I have played many games and none more than Dead space have ever put me on edge or made me swear in fear at my television. The game obviously has a lot of influence from the aforementioned movies but it manages to be it’s own magnificent entity.  

Dead Island

If there is anyone to learn how to make a trailer for a game from its Techland. Dead Island grabbed attention with its beautifully presented teaser a few years back. The game play did differ from the trailer but the essence was still there and if a movie was made in the same vain it would be phenomenal. 

’m a huge zombie movie fan but most of them lack any real diversity or emotion. Dead Island’s colourful setting and eclectic mix of characters would be a welcome change to the common threads weaved into zombie storytelling. 

Heavy Rain

A David Fincher directed Heavy Rain movie would be a beautiful tragedy. Heavy Rain was one of the only games I started again straight after I finished it. My only gripe with the game was that it needed to be longer. 

The story plays out through four well developed protagonists as they become entangled in the exploits of the Origami Killer, a serial killer know for using periods of heavy rainfall to drown his victims. 

Heavy Rain was more like playing a movie than any game I had ever played before and with multiple endings it had many reasons to replay the fantastic story.

Monkey Island

This movie would be everything Pirates of the Caribbean should have been. The adventures of the luckless Guybrush Threepwood thwarting the evil undead pirate LeChuck would be a hilariously entertaining yarn. 

To be fair this movie would have done so much better being made in the late 80’s to early 90’s.  Richard Donner would have given this franchise the attention it deserves, throw in the similarities in comedy to The Princess Bride and this film would have become a staple in the viewing pleasure of all 80’s children. 

Thanks for reading.