I’ve always been a bit partial to a motorbike. I’ve never owned one, but if I wanted one today I’d know where to go…

In AMC’s The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon, perhaps the shows most popular character has ridden a motorbike since very early on in the shows run. In season five Dixon gets a new set of wheels, a motorbike so impossibly cool its almost funny. The new bike is built from salvaged parts, incepting with Dixon’s rough and ready exterior. 

Now I mentioned Daryl’s bike to my friend Graham, who told me about this place called The Bike Shed. The Bike Shed features some pretty awesome custom motorcycles including:

Zadie MC's Salander is based on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Lisbeth Salander. Like the heroine of the late Stieg Larsson’s book and ultimately the David Fincher movie the bike is possessed of a complicated beauty, both attractive and brutally stark. 

Another bike featured on the page is by the same creator Zadie MC, based on Brad Pitt’s One Punch Mickey O'Neill from Snatch.

Here is what Zadig MC had to say about this custom;

“This project was emotionally intense because Snatch is not only a film for me. It’s the name of my dog and a long story. The father of Snatch, a best friend of mine, had a car crash with his wife and they left us forever. They left a dog and an 8 month baby behind them. Stolen lives… The reason why sometimes, some dates, when everybody is happy, I feel very dark. When facing death you discuss nightmares and faith, I explore this relation on this bike.”  – Zadig MC

If you like what you have seen here then head over to the Bike Shed, check out their facebook page and follow them on twitter.

Thanks for reading…