Marvel Role Call

With a line drawn under the MCU’s phase two it’s time to set our sights to phase three and all that it entails. Although Marvel have already announced most of the actors who will bring their superheroes to life, not all have been cast yet, so let’s look at the front runners for each role and see how things could shape up!

Although there is a big Spiderman shaped hole in the MCU at the moment, let’s concentrate on the Marvel small screen adaptations first. With the undeniable success of Daredevil it is no surprise that people are excited for the rest of the Marvel x Netflix shows in the shape of A.K.A Jessica Jones and Luke Cage coming soon but the fourth installment Iron Fist is supposedly uncast as of yet. I say supposedly as last week Ryan Phillippe put out a statement saying he was going to speak with Marvel about an unspecified role and that he couldn’t reveal any more at this moment in time:

“I’m meeting with … Marvel is interested in talking about Netflix, a series possibly”

His IMDB page would suggest that not only did these talks go well but he is indeed going to be Danny Rand; Iron Fist. There has been no official word yet but it seems to be pretty certain. At 40 he wouldn’t be the youngest candidate to play Iron Fist but with a black belt in Tae Kwando Phillippe is able to do the moves of the Chi empowered superhero himself. Here is an alternative I’d like to put in the mix however, with the darker world that Netflix has opened up for Marvel, The Punisher is getting a reboot too it would seem. Although Scott Adkins has publically said he’d love to play The Punisher, I think Phillippe could do the role justice. Although there are plenty of other roles he could play, Daredevil’s nemesis Bullseye could be another? There has been no word on who will fill the gigantic shoes of Fisk in the second series of Daredevil but Bullseye seems as likely as any. Plus much like Daredevil did, Bullseye is in dire need of a screen reboot as the film dragged the respectable villain through the mud. I digress, it does seem Phillippe will be Iron Fist, meaning the door is open for Adkins to be The Punisher if Marvel think about taking him up on his offer.

Possibly the big Marvel casting news as of late is the whittling down to two candidates for the New Avenger…Spiderman. Asa Butterfield will go mano y mano with Tom Holland for the prize of being Peter Parker.  I was aware that they wanted a younger webslinger but I’m not fully convinced. I can whole heartedly say I think they have cast everybody so perfectly so far but this has got my puzzled. They’re both great actors in their own right but they’re both quite slight, I know Peter Parker isn’t a muscle bound enforcer but I just wonder how small either of them is going to look when on screen with the Avengers, Thor and Captain America in particular. I agree neither predecessor has been perfect, although I am slightly more in the Andrew Garfield camp but they needed a mix of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield. And my question is, are either of the candidates that mix between Maguire and Garfield? Garfield had the sarcastic, normal teenager feel down to a tee whereas Maguire had the child genius bit down to a tee. It’s great that it looks like it’ll definitely be an English actor, in fact its excellent that Marvel have looked at English talent for their movies and TV in general; Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksilver),  Charlie Cox (Daredevil), Andy Serkis (Ulysses Klaue), Paul Bettany (Jarvis/Vision), Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr Strange) to name a few.  If I had to pick out of Asa or Tom I think Asa just has the edge for me. He has more, big movie experience and he has that nerdy but cool vibe that Peter Parker embodies. Whoever gets picked for the role, I am undoubtedly excited for the MCU phase three.

So they are the big casting rumours and news in the world of Marvel at the moment but there are still tonnes of villains to be announced plus we never know who else they might chuck in the mix before Marvel has finished with us. So let me know who you’re backing for Spidey…is Ryan Phillippe your Iron Fist? Join the conversation and let us know in the comments.