Lego Robin

Not since Chris O'Donnel have we seen a cinematic Robin in a Batman movie, and his last appearance left the franchise in ruins. Now, we get two Robins in very different ways…

Yesterday brought the news that former Scott Pilgrim and everyone’s favourite Bluth, Michael Cera has been cast as Robin in the new Lego Batman movie. What’s really exciting is that his onscreen Bluth Uncle, Will Arnett is The Batman in the same movie. So, Batman in bricks with Arrested Development.

This marks the first real Robin to share the BatScreen since Clooney and O'Donnel killed the franchise in Batman And Robin. I’m discounting Nolan’s take because he pulled his punches, but there is another on the way. 

In the latest Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice trailer we see Jason Todd’s Robin suit in the Batcave. Hermetically sealed into a class case following Todd’s brutal murder at the hands of The Joker, the suit serves as as reminder to Batman, that this venture has consequences.  

It’s widely believed that Jena Malone may bring a version of Carrie Kelly’s Robin to the screen in Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice which would be a nod to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. So it’s BatFeast or BatFamine as far as Robins go.  

You wait for over a decade for one, and a multiple turn up at the same time… 

Lego Batman should be with us in 2017. Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice hits cinemas in early 2016. 

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