"Killer" Image Of Jared Leto

Yesterday we asked the question “Where is Jared?” when we saw the image of the cast of the Suicide Squad at their first table read. Today director David Ayer posed the same question, only he attached an image as an answer…

Wow. There is a lot on display here. Firstly of course we are seeing Jared’s hair is a shock of green, Joker green if you will, but that’s not all to take from this image. 

I think David Ayer and Jared Leto are letting us know exactly what version of the Joker we can expect to see onscreen when the curtains open on his latest incarnation. Check out the image below:

That is the front cover of the Killing Joke, one of the most brutal representations of The Joker ever told. Heres a extract from the book’s synopsis:

“Joker makes his move and he knocks on the door of Commissioner Gordon. Barbara opens the door and is shocked at the sight of the Joker, dressed in a tourist outfit and pointing a gun at her. Joker shoots Barbara in the spine and his henchmen enter the house and knock Commissioner Gordon, while Joker starts undressing the wounded Barbara and takes out a camera.”  – DC Comics

So can we expect a brutal, cruel version of Batman’s most familiar foe? My money says hell yes we can. Whats more I’d suggest this hints at the tone of the movie. This aint your Daddy’s Joker kids.

Prepare to be disturbed…