Jurassic World Poster

We will be getting a new Jurassic World trailer on Monday. In advance of that, and it has to be said in the shadow of a new Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser AND the first trailer for Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice, we get a poster for the new movie. Wow its getting crowded in Hollywood right? Check out the poster below:

Director Colin Trevorrow revealed the first of three new posters on his twitter account with the quote “How can we stand in the light of discovery and not act?”

The director himself confirmed that the new trailer was to be released at the start of next week in the following tweet:

He also manages to convey exactly how nerve racking it is to be at the helm of such a highly anticipated project. Whilst we wait for the new trailer, check out the teaser below:

I know at least one of the Geeks is looking forward to this movie but what about you? Do we really need another entry? Should we be concerned about the genetic modifications to out old toothy friends? Will you be behind Bex in line for the film on release day? Leave your thoughts in the comments below…