Jurassic World


Chris Pratt. Bryce Dallas Thingy. Vincent d'Onofrio and a host of cool, killer dinos.

I was quite excited about this movie after the original trailer. Who cares if the din’s are a long way off the real thing? I wanted to see the park open, the attractions and some imagination.

But this begs the question of how far you can take a dino story?

A Velociraptor Whisperer? A rogue genetically mutated hybrid? Hmmmm…..

I think I was letting the romance of the original, the 25 years gap and the idea of re-visiting the park cloud my judgement.

The whole issue I had with the idea of the park and its destiny to fail was simply the fact that man and greed get n the way. Maybe that’s the entire point?

But yet again we are fed nothing but a yarn detailing mans greed for power in all its forms.

But they use dinosaurs to do it.

Granted they are real slick and pretty cool, but there is still something BIG missing from these stories beyond mans interference with nature.

Anyway, there’s lots of running, insane deaths and bloods and bites galore, so if that rocks your boat, go for it.

Thank for reading.

Geek Paul