Jared's Joker...

Some years ago, a certain Mr Heath Ledger was cast as one of the coolest, meanest and darkest characters ever. It didn’t go down very well with the general populous.

Except me….

Not wishing to sound to clever (well, maybe a bit), but I was stoked! I’d just seen Ned Kelly and I saw something in this guy that shone. A sense of depth and mischief. Buried under a sheen.

But boy oh boy did he bring it to the surface with Joker. Nobody saw it coming.

The bar was set. Really damn high too….

I’m not sure what it was about Heath’s Joker. The voice? The mouth? The chaos? All of these things plus killer dialogue of course. I honestly do not want to take anything away from Heath, like I said I was very early in the celebration of hos casting, but I do think a little of his personal tragedy added to the darkness of the character. We were all heart broken by his passing, and I think some of this stays with us when we see Joker.

Now with Jared, i see another situation coming. The guy is a chameleon. And it’s all in his eyes.

Jared has an ability to completely pull us in with his striking good looks, then, when we are not prepared, make us truly wonder where we stand with him. He is, quite literally - far too trusting.

And this is greatly in his favour.

We need to put Heath’s Joker back in the drawer now, I am expecting a new life here.

There looks to a be a young menacing gloss about Jared, that Heath did not provide. Heath was all about ongoing mayhem, where I think Jared is going to offer a greater control of imbalance. Joker enjoys being crazy. He’s turned it into a art.

And I think Jared Leto is going to nail this. His experience of playing Chapman in Chapter 27 and Harry Goldfarn in Requiem… (hell, even Paul Allen. Though he was on the receiving end!)) have led him into darker realms, and he’s pulled off the spectacular.

I am not going to offer comparisons to Heath, as I think they are going to to offer different characters, equally compelling, keeping us itching for their next scene.

But I truly believe that he is going to want us wanting more and more of the crazy guy.

Thanks for reading - Geek Paul