Green Arrow is Casey Jones...Wait What?!

Stephen Amell was yesterday cast as Casey Jones in the new TMNT 2 movie due July 2016.  The breakout DC star put pen to paper yesterday, April 1st, which made the internet awash with hoax rumours.  But fans with a little tech savvy would have quickly put an end to those rumours as the star himself broke the news on his Facebook page.  Can Amell swap the corrupt Starling City for Bebop and Rocksteady in New York? Drop the bow and pick up a hockey stick? If his martial art videos are to be believed then yes, yes he can. He’ll be right at home next to the turtles. The previous TMNT film of course had its problems but bringing in somebody of Amell’s calibre is a sure fire way to get people pumped for the sequel. He’ll balance the beauty for the men which Megan Fox undeniable brings for the women. Plus with the backing Arrow has received and everybody singing not only his but the DC television movement’s praise he can be considered hot property at the moment, meaning TMNT 2 will be filling seats before they’ve even really started filming.

However let’s not get carried away, a super popular hunk playing arguably one of the coolest characters in the TMNT universe does not make a film all by itself. Megan Fox is returning as the turtle crush and creator April O’Neal. Will Arnett is back as Vernon Fenwick, April’s chaperone.  Then Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio has been cast but as whom, we don’t know. One would assume all the turtle actors and voices will return for the sequel, as well as Tohuro Masamune reprising his role as ShredderTron…I mean Shredder. But all the early sequel noise was about Bebop and Rocksteady and there has been no news on them as of yet. The first film directed by Jonathon Liebesman almost attempted to make the TMNT origin and look of the heroes plausible. He really put the Mutant in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles whereas previous attempts have always focused on the Turtle element. When I say plausible I am aware there aren’t hundreds of mutants running around but the idea that they would grow to be something in between mutants and turtles resonated with me. So how will Bebop and Rocksteady look in the upcoming film? This has the potential to blow the coherent lid that Liebesman tried to put on the Turtle universe. Plus will Kang ever appear? With Bebop and Rocksteady already on the apparent roster then surely Kang is a shoe-in eventually? Although a fan of everything TMNT, there is a fear that where the remake has attempted to be a bit more serious they could really blow it if they attempt to make Bebop, Rocksteady and Kang too serious. But so far so good.

How do we feel about Casey ‘Arrow’ Jones? Are we excited for the upcoming sequel? Let us know in the comments.