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Star Wars 

I have a theory. It involves that voice in the Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer. GeekTyrant have confirmed that it was Andy Serkis not Benedict Cumberbatch as some (myself included) had speculated. My theory however deals, not with who speaks those words, but to whom they are being spoken. 

Before we get started, let’s talk about balance. When Luke redeemed his father and they defeated the Emperor together, the Sith died out. A great deal has been made about balance in the the Star Wars universe. Mace Windu spoke about a prophecy that indicated that one day someone would step forward and bring balance to the force. What does that mean? It’s reasonable to assume that to be in balance, dark and light must exist in equal measure. In a way Anakin could be seen as returning balance, simply by reducing the number of Jedi through his betrayal of them. Palpatine’s intention was to tip the balance completely and eradicate the Jedi, essentially extinguishing the light side of the Force and wielding the Dark Side of the Force for his own benefit. Enter Luke. For a while there I believed Luke may have been the one returning balance, but he too may have totally tipped those scales by extinguishing the Dark Side as he helped destroy The Sith. If that’s the case, is it possible that the Force itself has been somewhat dormant? If that’s true, this could explain the dialogue in the new trailer. 

There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?

— Star Wars The Force Awakens 

The first line of dialogue is a question being asked. Who’s asking it? And who are they addressing? Here is my theory: 

I believe that Luke has been in exile since destroying the Sith and putting the Force into a dormant state, but I believe he has continued to use his ability to commune with the spirits in the living Force. Those blue ghosts. We saw at the end of Star Wars Episode VI The Return Of The Jedi that Luke could see Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda. Perhaps he has kept their council as he has studied the Force as a sort of Monk. Perhaps he has been able to gather, through his growing abilities, those Jedi not capable of becoming one with the Force. Perhaps he communes with Qui-Gon, has reached out to Mace Windu, or perhaps further back. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the voice we hear in the new trailer is an ancient Jedi, one who notices a disturbance in the Force and communicates as much to Luke. 

What could that disturbance be? 

I’m glad you asked. 

That figure in black. That lightsaber. I’d suggest that the man in black is Adam Driver. More than that, I predict he will play Han and Leia’s son. Because of his Skywalker lineage, he is Force sensitive. Maybe he is aware of his grandfathers legacy, maybe that leads to an unhealthy fixation with the Sith. Maybe he goes in search of Sith knowledge and Sith relics. There was some concept art of this character (or someone similar) holding Vader’s helmet, does that qualify as a Sith Relic? Perhaps one sort after prize is the lightsaber we’ve heard linked to the opening shot of the movie. A lightsaber tumbling through space in the grip of a severed hand. Who had a hand and Lightsaber removed in the original trilogy? No not Luke! His hand fell toward Bespin. Vader had his hand removed by Luke, complete with Lightsaber. Perhaps Driver’s character wants that weapon, not only because he is obsessed with the Dark Side and the Sith but because he feels it’s his legacy. It was once his grandfather’s, after all. Let’s talk Lightsabers for a second… 

Wow, this lightsaber has pissed some fanboys off eh? Look I get it, Geeks Hate Change. Few people are digging the little pommels on this “Broad Sabre”. It also seems dangerously over powered. Now, it’s not my thought, but there is a theory that the pommels are in fact exhaust from this hugely powerful blade. Looks like either an old weapon,or at least an old design. Consider this scene also, doesn’t it look as though our dark cloaked mystery man is testing this weapon in a secluded wood. It certainly doesn’t appear to be as a result of a threat or confrontation. He just pulls and ignites the thing. Perhaps he learns that if is unsafe, and unfit for use and his search takes him to Daisy Ridley’s home planet, where she has found precisely what he is looking for. Maybe the Broad Sabre won’t be around all that long. Anyway back to the theory proper… 

That voice, I believe is an ancient Force user communing with Luke. I’m betting they are discussing the disturbance in the Force, resulting from Driver’s characters force use/research into the Sith. A use that awakens both sides of the Force, and so begins a search. Luke’s search for this emerging Dark Side user and wannabe Sith. So also does Han Solo’s search start. Solo will be desperate to find his son before he can fall completely to the dark side. This will put him at odds with Luke, which may lead to the rumoured closing moments of the movie.

So there you go. I don’t really want to know anything about this movie. Like everyone else I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next year or so for its release, hoping we don’t get too much information in the promotional material. But what do you think? Could Adam Driver be a Solo drawn to the Dark Side? Will renewed Dark Side activity alert Luke through the his connection to the living Force? Is that lightsaber a relic or a first attempt by Driver to create his own Sith weapon? Will Andy Serkis play a CGI ancient Jedi ghost? Do you have your own theory? Let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter @MovieGeeksNews 

Thanks for reading, Marc