Final Cut

Two nights ago, we were skimming Netflix looking for something easy, but imaginative. Something with drama, dialogue driven.

We were not ready for this.

In, what I guess is one of Robin Williams lesser known movies, we stumbled upon an idea of such simplicity and brilliance with so many open scenarios, I couldn’t believe it had not approached before.

Robin Williams is Alan Hackman, a man tormented by a memory from his childhood. A mistake he cannot take back.

He is also a cutter. A man tasked with creating a memorial service video that uses actual images of the deceased memory taken from an implant planted ver early in their life.

But some of the secrets he sees are far from pleasant as everything, everything is recorded.

This leads to some extremely sinister and worrying elements and storyline of dark secrets and Williams’ task to “forget them”, as he tells only the wonderful stories of the departed.

Jim Caviezel is Fletcher, who morality drives him to release these awful memories and, though that cannot be brought to justice, at least bring these crimes to light.

The pace is very good and the performances are class.

A cool twist is added to really stir the worms out of the can and the race between Williams and Caviezel is on.

Intriguing. Imgainative. Sinister.

Good drama - give it a go if you didn’t first time around.

Thanks for reading

Geek Paul