Fant4stic Trailer

Just in case we were thinking something along the lines of “Why haven’t we seen any cool trailers this week?”, we got a new Fant4stic trailer on Sunday.

It followed Ant-Man, Star Wars The Force Awakens and Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice which makes you question the timing. Surely anything that follows Star Wars, can only follow Star Wars. Even Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice failed to land with this Movie Geek, a week earlier and that might have been a different story.  Anyhoo, let’s look at the trailer shall we?

My first reaction to this trailer is, “Hell yes I’m in!” And that is likely due to my low expectations. I’m not sure anyone really wanted or needed another Fantastic Four movie after Tim Story’s dire duo of films, released just ahead of the Marvel Cinematic Universe defining Iron Man.  

Add to the moderate interest and low expectations, early meh-ness relating to rumours of retcons to Doom’s origin story, alterations to how the Fantastic Four get their powers and the young nature of the leads, especially Reed Richards and I think it’s safe to say, nobody really gave an orange crap monster.

Then we get a glimpse at Jamie Bell’s Thing, an intriguing teaser and suddenly everyone seems to be warming to the project. Myself included. This trailer helps. 

The overall tone of the film seems great, just the right combination of weighty, ominous foreboding and a “Trankish” kind of humour, first seen in Chronicle. I guess the introductions to our characters are more archetypal than personal, the bookish Reed, the Jockish Ben, the rebellious Jonny and the driven Sue, but it kind of works. I suspect the characters are better rounded in the film itself. I hope to see a more Doomscentric trailer soon so we get a look at his side of the dynamic, because he is a bit shortchanged  here.

It seems as though Dr. Storm and his “children” are a part of a military program that may or may not place Reed and Co. at odds with the government by the end of the film. In fact the demonstration of The Things powers may make him the Fox universes “super soldier” of choice ala the MCU’s Hulk. Already this character is being put to better use than in Tim Story’s movies. 

All in I’d say it’s pretty easy to dismiss this as a disposable comic book movie, coming as it does amidst a bounty of similar films. Even the trailer gets lost in a crowd. If we give a second thought and rewatch it with a little objectivity, I think we will find an interesting look at Marvel’s first family. One that might challenge the characters’ wonky, out of date origins, and reposition them for cinematic greatness. Watch this space… 

Are you looking forward to the Fantastic Four? Do you expect a cross over with X-Men? Will we ever see these guys in the MCU? Leave your thoughts in the comments below…