Eddie Redmayne

I am a firm believer that many winners of awards, particularly Academy awards, are simply lucky to land the role that they were always supposed to play.

Cuba Gooding, Colin Firth, Matt McConaughy to name just a few.

Other actors are able to immerse themselves into any character they choose over and over.

Day Lewis, Sean Penn, Seymour Hoffman to name a few more.

But I always saw the actor first.

Today I saw a performance that I consider to be simply a man perfecting his art to such an extreme I forget who he was. I truly did.

Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of Steven Hawking is something I have not stopped thinking about since the end credit rolled.

This is the third outing I have seen Eddie in. Les Mis introduces me to a guy able to hold stage and assume real screen presence, a brilliant performance but unfortunately a rather foppish character. Not Eddie’s fault. Jupiter Ascending showed that the guy has versatility, but his character is terrible weak and the script is diabolical.

A Theory of Everything is altogether something different.

This was more like a documentary of humanity. The pacing, the characterizations, and I want to express utter reverence for Felicity Jones, who’s performance is utterly wonderful.

But Eddie Redmayne produces something of such a caliber, I have never seen before. The delicate withdrawal he puts himself through when he discovers his fate, to the respect played to both his character and the disease that slowly takes a part of him from us is handled with such refined perfection I am truly lost for words.

I am a massive Michael Keaton fan and have been for 20 years. When talk of Oscars came around for Birdman I was among the first to say “Just give him the damned thing! It’s time!”

I was wrong…

Thank you Eddie. That was an honour to watch. Truly.