Delayed Reaction - Jurassic World

This is Delayed Reaction, the section of the blog where I catch up with the rest of the world and finally see some of the movies you all saw ages ago. 

This issue is Jurassic World, a film I have been looking forward to since the first shot of Chris Pratt with the motorbike hit the web. I’m a huge fan of the original movie, I love Chris Pratt, I enjoyed the debut film by the director, Safety Not Guaranteed and I really think dinosaurs are cool. So I’m gonna love this film right? Read on…

Let me start by saying this film is extremely entertaining, it looks great and everyone delivers perfectly here. Almost. 

The bad guy twirls the ‘stache a little too much, the earthy hero is solid gold good guy, and one of the kids is a creepy weirdo. They aren’t huge problems, but they are elements that don’t need to be there. Especially the clumsily characterised kids. All they need to be in this movie is at risk. We don’t need a fear of divorce sub plot that goes nowhere, the creepy P-houndness of the older child is really misjudged in a family film. 

Whats more is the bloody nature of this film really disturbed me. I watched this just before I saw Terminator Genisys. The Terminator movie was way more family friendly than this in my opinion. There are literally showers of blood in this movie, tons of people being eaten up close, or bursting like water balloons spraying blood all over the canopy of the spooky forest. Its simply not necessary in a family film about dinosaurs. 

There is one particularly egregious scene where the armed-to-the-teeth dinosaur hunters have the Indominus Rex dead to rights. She is standing there, out in the middle of a clearing having a little chat with the velociraptors, and Star Lord and Co are just crouching behind a log watching. Here is a tip you shouldn't need: If you ever find yourself in the position to blow a rogue dinosaur to smithereens, and its standing around, distracted and you have a bloody rocket launcher - take the shot. These clowns don’t and they pay the price. 

The big problem with this film is that it plays like a mix tape (Awesome Mix Vol. 1). Its a playlist of all the shots Colin Trevarrow thought were cool in movies that are way better than this. Most noticeable are the numerous “homages” to the original and vastly superior Jurassic Park. You could make a drinking game out of the “tribute band” like rehashing of JP’s cooly original set pieces. 

Alongside the Jurassic Park riffs sit scenes from Jaws, Indiana Jones and Alien. They are, all of them conspicuous by their inclusion and drag the audience out of the action. See the Ripleyesque shot above or the prizing-a-predators-tooth-out-of-a-smashed-up-things-whats-its-name from off of Jaws below! Add to that the water fall jump from Avatar, the Terminatory chase of the truck, and on and on…

Bitching aside, this film is lacking in the all too illusive X-factor that made the first film such a hit and shares more in common with parts two and three. Not a terrible film, but looking for too much here will have you rolling eyes. 

I had the film on pre-order from iTunes but sadly I cancelled it when I got home from the theatre. That should tell you all you need to know, I’ve seen this now, I won’t need to see it again, and it gives me no pleasure to say that.

Not as fun or exciting as the original movie, over reaches at times with its characterisation and spends too much time paying tribute to classics which only serves to remind you that this aint one of them…

Next time - Terminator Genisys

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