David Duchovny Talks About The X-Files Revival

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have been refreshingly positive about returning to the franchise that helped make them household names. Gillian’s appearance on The Nerdist PodCast, which lead to the now infamous #XFiles2015 hashtag campaign that may or may not (probably the former) have been instrumental in the now very bright green light aimed at the revival. Now Mulder himself, David Duchovny has been on the chat show circuit, and inevitably the talk turned to The X-Files. 

You can watch Duchovny on Letterman in the video clip below…

David Duchovny has since came out and apologised for suggesting that both Mitch Pileggi’s Assistant Director Skinner and William B. Davis’ Cigarette Smoking Man will both be returning. Apparently its wasn’t such a done deal at the time, although i suspect that could and will happen, in spite of CSM’s dying in the final moments of the TV show’s run. This is the X-Files after all. 

There is also speculation about the fates of the other agents connected to the X-Files. Both Robert Patrick’s John Doggett and Annabeth Gish’s Monica Reyes were shortchanged by the season finale and sadly overlooked in the most recent movie, I Want To Believe. Could the revival see the return of those characters? I believe it could. If I were at Fox now, looking at the return of one of the worlds biggest TV franchises, i certainly wouldn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket. Sure, with a limited run of six shows you’d want to keep your focus on the MVP’s, but at least cycle the other series “leads” through and have them on standby should Mr. Duchovny and Miss. Anderson decide not to return for any future episodes.

Whilst we are on the subject of future episodes, lets be honest, this won’t end at six episodes. There are plenty of ways things could play out for the creators and us fans. 

Option 1; This show will likely be a huge success and the mean counters at Fox, charged with guarding its Smaug like pile of gold, will relax a little and be open to the idea of additional episodes. Maybe another event series next year or the year after.

Option 2; This show will be a huge success and everyone will say screw TV, lets throw some coin at another big screen outing. I’m sure the event series will go one of two ways, either monster of the week (most likely in my opinion) or the mythology will be central to the entire arc. By the time the six episodes are done, the creators will know what to do with a movie. Huge UFO epic, or compact creepy supernatural killer. Whichever it is, I’m in, take my money!

Option 3; The show is a huge hit and Fox want more, but with everyone time being as limited as it is, they decide to go for a thirteen episode “House Of Cards” style series dump on an on demand platform. With Duchovny’s Aquarius poised to do great things and Gillian Anderson tied to at least three hit TV shows right now, a concentrated shooting schedule may work for everyone, including Fox who will get to control production costs with a truncated schedule. The only thing is they must know what tone they want when they shout action. The event series can tell them what the audience wants. I’m pretty sure its more in line with the first movie than 2008’s I Want To Believe.

It seems to me that Duchovny’s new show, Aquarius is getting a raw deal in the light of the emerging X-Files news. Frankly it sounds amazing and its a shame that talk always seems to The X-Files whenever he is on a chat show so I thought I’d pop the synopsis and the trailer, and maybe even a poster below:

“A gritty 1960s cop drama about a cop who goes undercover to track Charles Manson and the Manson Family before their infamous murder spree.”  – IMDB

What do you think? Did Duchovny drop the ball claiming Pileggi and Davis would return? Are you looking forward to the return of the X-Files? Are you looking forward to Aquarius? Leave your thoughts in the comments below…