I’ve now seen all 13 episodes on Netflix, and Netflix / Marvel truly have (had?) something on their hands here.

I have not “binge viewed” in quite some time, but this show made it happen.

The atmosphere of Hells Kitchen and its inhabitants is perfect, the casting and performances are superb (special shout to big Vince, whom I have rated highly since watching an episode of The Equalizer many moons ago), the action and storytelling is perfect….

I love and believe in these characters. I cheer on the good guys, I loathe the bad guys (especially Wesley the bastard!). I love the paced growth of our hero and his dealing with his inner demons. The hatred yet somewhat strange understanding of Wilson Fisk’s character is also perfectly driven.

All in all, this is a great TV experience and, as I have noted on other social formats, if you do not subscribe to Netflix, do so now. Just for this show.

I am unsure of how far (if at all!) they are into production of more episodes, I am am very excited indeed…… apart from one thing.


While our hero runs around in the dark realms of Hell’s Kitchen in his black jeans, vest and headscarf he carries menace. He carries a fear of the  dark. Knowing he is blind and in darkness adds to this enormously.

Then came the suit…… Oh dear. Sod Betsy and give the suit back.

I found the last fight with Fisk a strange affair indeed. He has more armour, and even some weaponry but struggles to deal with an overweight angry idiot, more than he did an expert ninja. Back to the black guys PLEASE!!!!

I also found the very soapy last few scenes where our team were all happy again the their office a little too fast. We need more conflict for Matt here to deal with. And what was with the extended shot of Karen staring at him all about?

To be answered later I guess..?

Anyway, BIG congrats to the cast and crew at Marvel for this, and do not keep us waiting too l ong for more.

Thanks for reading

Geek Paul