Breaking Star Wars News

Breaking Star Wars News

News broke this morning that Disney/LucasFilm have been forced to pull the planned Star Wars movies from production and cancel any release plans for completed projects including Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars The Force Awakens in the wake of a shock legal move by film maker George Lucas.

George Lucas’ legal representative Miss Apryl Phool has released a statement which reads as follows:

Mr Lucas has had time to reflect on his decision to sell the company Lucasfilm Ltd and all associated intellectual property to The Walt Disney company. Upon reflection Mr Lucas believes the decision to make said sale was a mistake, that he was manipulated by forces at Disney, and that he was drinking a lot at the time so probably didn’t make the greatest choice.

J.J. Abrams made a statement following the news that Mr Lucas’ new company Gungans Rock Inc. had issued an injunction against both him and The Walt Disney company, effectively shutting down Star Wars The Force Awakens, just months from its release:

I don’t know what George is thinking? Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. The old boy seems to have lost it! Now it appears I’ve wasted years of my life! Time I spent in that craphole England! Screw you George! You’ve gone to the dark side!

Lucas is thought to have invoked the rarely used Statute 66 clause in his contract with The Walt Disney Company, effectively giving him the right to keep all monies paid to him in the deal, and reclaim control of all of LucasFilm’s assets and intellectual properties. 

When asked for comment, Bob Iger of Disney said.


Lucas is now planning to scrap the final cut of Star Wars The Force Awakens and recut it to his tastes. He is quoted as having said:

More green screen. More Gunguns! This is Jar Jar’s story, it is a story I’ve always wanted to tell. It was part of the original plan and it’s now my singular focus. Screw you Bob, and screw J.J. Abrams. Jumped up little padawan.

It is also widely believed that Lucas plans to make more Indiana Jones movies. His plan is to recast Harrison Ford with a cartoon Orangutang, give him a talking horse sidekick and bring back Shia LeBeouf to reprise his role of Mutt Williams. 

It’s my original vision. The film maker said.

More on this news as it develops.

In the meantime, have a great April 1st.