Bonus Episode "The Truth Is Out There Vol. 1 U.F.O."

No regular episode this week, so we thought we would post a bonus episode. Theres not a lot to with film here, but we thought you might enjoy it.

Not so long ago Paul and I, freshly bitten by the podcasting bug, thought we  might start a podcast dedicated to the super natural. the idea was to approach each episode from a Mulder and Scully perspective with Paul being the believer and me (Marc) being a skeptic. 

Tis was our first and only episode (for now at least) because we have busy lives and couldn’t squeeze any more in to a schedules. It focuses on the UFO phenomena. Hopeful you’ll find some of we what talk about interesting. It was fun to record, so if you think it would be a good idea for us to do it again, and you have a subject in mind, let us know. You can email us or leave your thoughts in the comments, or hit us up on twitter.

Thanks for listening,