Black Series Addiction

When I was a kid i bought a new Star Wars figure every week. I had a ton of them, and then a few years ago I was helping my parents move home and made the terrible decision to let my extensive collection go. Into landfill I’m sure. Now an act of generosity by my friends may have started me down a dark path to the Black Series…

This past week was my birthday. I actually share my birthday with Paul’s daughter. I won’t mention the unfortunate number attached to my birthday because its getting larger and more terrifying every year. This year, at a little BBQ attended by three of the Movie Geeks (my podcast co-host Paul, Andy and Steven) I was given a gift that might just start me off on a mission to replace my childhood toy collection with the new, more modern, more awesome version that come in the Star Wars Black Series.

The Black Series comes in two sizes, the traditional 3 ¾ inch versions (although with way more articulation that those of my childhood) and the slightly more prestigious 6 inch versions. I was fortunate enough to be give the 6 inch Speeder Bike complete with pilot. Check it out below:

Thats one awesome Star Wars toy right (says the grown man without any sign of irony!). I wonder if my friends realise what they’ve started in buying me this? Sure it looks cool on the shelf, boxed, not far from my full size Stormtrooper helmet, but it looks really lonely. I cant help but think perhaps he needs a 6 inch Boba Fett for company. Of course if I’m introducing Fett I might need a little balance and get two good guys, perhaps R2-D2 and C-3PO? 

You can see where this is going right?

Right now I have a more pressing conundrum, do I go boxed or unboxed? How best to display my new toy? Opinion will be welcomed in the comments my friends!

Thanks for reading,