Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Trailer

We have some official Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice news this morning. Which is nice. Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice, which will hence forth be referred to as BvS, will get a 5 second tease this evening in UK at 5pm. Then there will be a special teaser trailer event on April 20th at selected IMAX theatres in the US. Expect the trailer to hit the inter webs at the exact same time though, so keep you browser pointer at TrailerSet for that. Before you book your tickets to go see the trailer consider the reactions of those doing that exact same thing last year for Star Wars when they realised we had all seen it three times in iTunes before theirs had even rolled once. Gutted.

The annoncement came, like all good news, from the horses mouth via Zack Snyders twitter feed. You can see the tweet in question below. Yep, that is a 21 second video, ahead of a 5 second video, teasing a 2 minute and 6 second trailer that won’t be out until next week, for a movie that won’t be released until next year! So a teaser for a teaser of a teaser. Hollywood is officially losing the plot. In case you can’t see the tweet I’ll embed the video below also.

So hands up who didn’t get to see the footage that leaked from Comic Con last year. You know the footage of Bruce / Batman on the roof in an Iron Man like suit of armour searching the skies for, and eventually finding Clark / Superman. The Batman’s eyes glow white, the Man Of Steel’s eyes glow red, nerds sweet, geeks lisp. Its all very, very cool. Well that footage was pulled down from just about every outlet, so expect that to be amongst the footage released ahead of the trailer proper.

You see there has been a trend recently, especially from camp Disney of putting out there, any thing that leaks, or indeed has the potential to leak. We saw it last week with Avengers Age Of Ultron’s The Vision and the Netflix / Marvel show Daredevil. Something leaks and the studio under cut it by releasing the official version almost immediately . It means the studio owns the reveal. They get to show whatever it is in the best possible light, whether that Paul Bethany as The Vision, Daredevils red suit or the teaser for Star Wars The Force Awakens. So my question is why didn’t Warner Bros. and DC release the leaked footage themselves and capitalize on the heat of that moment. Show the footage in its best possible light instead of wasting time pulling down the pirated version? Could it be that this footage is a part of their promotional release plan? The first glimpse at BvS will be the roof top scene? If thats the case we’ve seen it thanks? We should get something new now right? That might be the 2 minute 6 second trailer next week.

At this point I should probably sound off about my feelings for this film. If you listen to our podcast you’ll know I was not huge fan of the bombastic Man Of Steel, but i must admit the Harry Lennix reveal of BvS at Comic Con sent shivers up my spine. I was totally sold when my little geek brain caught up with what i was seeing, someone was actually going to make Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns? Amazing. 

Well it turns out, not so much. The flow of geek juices from that announcement was put straight to work in lubricating the release of the stealth version of the Justice League. Thats what we are getting kids, like it or not. Warner and Dc are doing the reverse of the Marvel model and release the team up first and then spinning off the solo movies after that. maybe that’ll work, it is certainly bold, and so far, as much as i hate to admit it, its looking pretty cool. Bat fleck looks great, Gal Gadot looks great, AquaMamoa looks great, the Man Of Steel looks great. Im even kind of intrigued by the development of the rogues gallery over on Suicide Squad. It seems like after just two films Warner / DC will have the full formed cinematic universe its taken Marvel nearly a decade to establish. Whether or not its any good is yet to be seen.

Not to Zack Snyder, if you can avoid the 45 minute destruction fest that was the third act of MoS and make it something more personal, who have won me over. 

Are you excited for this evenings reveal (morning if your in U.S.A.)? Do you thinks we will get something other than the forge detailed above ahead of April 20th? Are you looking forward to BvS at all? Leave your thoughts in the comments below…